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It's a Jiffy Puff miracle!

Walker Kitty doesn't look so comfy, but she stayed here until Lizzy couldn't stand it anymore. )
Our neighbor stopped to visit, while the chickens examined the crime scene from yesterday's freezer camp. 
Not just Walker Kitty this time, all the animals were napping in the shade on this hot day.
We were really sad one evening at chicken count because Jiffy Puff turned up missing.  This has been Matt's favorite chicken and the one that walks around wanting to be petted like a dog. We hoped he would turn up the next day like Bubba did, but no Jiffy Puff.  But two days later, Matt happened to feed the cat in a toolbox and found him in there!  And still alive even.  It's amazing because it's inside the barn and the days were over 100°!  No water, but possibly a little catfood held him over.  He was stiff and slow for a little bit, but after a long drink of water, he was just fine.  Matt was especially happy! 
Here's the toolbox, just big enough for one.