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Josh wins at bowling

It was a first, Josh beat Allen at bowling, so I had to capture the proof. Yes, Josh's name on the board was Lady Veins, after his recent hardship at a Bloodmobile. :)

My haven in Orlando

I love my annual retreat with these amazing moms. We enjoyed the Orlando weather, some time at City Walk and the Chocolate Emporium, and just spending time together.

Peace River

In Florida, we're usually surrounded by many other RVing families. At the Peace River campground, someone said hey, let's have a potluck. And all these families showed up!! Heidi and I convinced Allen to give up fishing for one day, so we could float the river and look for gators. We only saw a tiny one, but we did see random goats and donkeys! We've had a lot of fun with this crazy family!  And the kids have really enjoyed their friends at First Christian in Wauchula. For Allen, it's all about the fishing.  Lizzy and Fiona went one day too!