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Showing posts from February, 2017

Quick trip to Atlanta

Allen and I took a quick business trip to Atlanta. It's so fun to get together with our friends and fellow coaches, see our names (and our teams' names!) in lights, receive amazing training, and dance the night away! This year even included a human hungry-hungry-hippo game! :) So. Much. Fun. :) Our mentors, the Millers, rented this entire restaurant just for their team. Goalz. But better than goals, we have plans!

Happy 17th Josh!

We celebrated Josh's 17th birthday at the Grands, of course with cake! Now he's old enough to enlist and he's already been working with a recruiter.

Pictures with a dinosaur

One thing I'd wanted to do for a while was get a picture with a "real life raptor" in Jurassic World. They thought it was too immature, but I finally talked the kids into it and it was quite the experience! It was fun watching the little kids (and adults!) get scared. When it was our turn, he took a dislike of Allen, or maybe it was a like? I don't think he liked how Allen looked in his eyes. :)

Josh got his permit

Josh got his permit and some practice driving time in. Matt, Lizzy, and I were a little nervous. :)  It took him a while to master parking in between the lines. :) 

Fulltime Families Rally

We headed to another Fulltime Families Rally, because that's where the fun is! This one had 88 families at a campground! I love this drone view. There were SO many teens. People often worry about our kids finding friends on the road. Covered.  There were movie nights.  Kids Marketplace, they were so creative!  So many fulltime RVers!!  Bubble soccer is our new favorite! So much fun!  Maybe a little too much fun!  We all love the dance at the end! We got to reconnect with the Marrs family, who we met years ago on the road!  And of course we had a Super Bowl party to end the fun week!