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No office, no problem

Even though we live and work in a small space, we can still have a professional looking office in an RV! We often do video chats and we want to put our best foot (face) forward. These backdrops simply hang from the ceiling in Allen's office, aka our living room, aka our kitchen, aka the path to the kids' rooms, aka the *everything* in a fifth wheel. Now we can work, and focus on helping others, without all the distractions. They also hang from the ceiling in my office, aka our bedroom. We used tri-fold cardboard for displays. Then we covered them with peel and stick wallpaper for the plain wall and a giant wall poster for the window view. We can also cover them with a sheet for a green screen. No background distractions, besides our goofy faces. We can't always have an office this gorgeous - but we're very grateful when we do!! Even if it's moving day, and we're parked at a rest area, we can still work from a professional office. Do you have