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week 6 of homeschooling

it's hard to believe we're on week 6! oops, said that last week. i'm compressing this week to one post. we'll see if i like it or not later. monday, sept 21: · math timed tests · math worksheets · spelling tests · from the prairie primer: reading, health, science, character, bible, living, vocabulary, social studies · lizzy had soccer for gym tuesday, sept 22: · math timed tests · math worksheets · wrote spelling words · from the prairie primer: reading, science, health, living, bible, vocabulary · for music class the Children of God band played (loudly) downstairs · art class was making indian costumes (very creative duds for ken & barbie) · matt had soccer for gym (where he showed the proper technique of kicking until they tell you to stop!) wednesday, sept 23: · math timed tests · josh and lizzy wrote stories with their spelling words · matt did reading worksheets · from the prairie primer: reading, bible, social studies, literature, health · for science they

backyard family photo shoot

we did a little family photo shoot today, with the promise of s'mores cookie pizza . (so good btw!) these are my 3 favorites and below are more. we needed some non-traditional traditional school pics for the living room and the grands, so we hopped outside, right before the rain. we found some great backdrops right in our backyard. with a few reminders about the cookie pizza, i had plenty of smiles! :) yes, the boys are barefoot. no, i didn't think about it. yes, a better photographer would have. no, i'm not a better photographer. i was thinking about the cookie pizza too.

Great news - new Wacom tablet with touch and DSP inside!

I have to share some big news about our company! Wacom is a great partner and you'll love the new tablet with DSP inside! Wacom introduces the new line of Bamboo products with multi-touch and pen input. And Bamboo Craft has DSP INSIDE! Bamboo Craft is designed specifically for the interests of hobbyists and crafters who benefit from Pen Input, along with the comfort of Multi-Touch for navigation. Bamboo Craft includes valuable tools for memory keeping and art projects, including: · Software DVD (including Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7.0 Win/6.0 Mac) · DVD with 26 scrapbooking lessons from Jane Conner-ziser and a library of digital craft embellishments (FROM DSP!) · Offer for free 8" x 8" photo album from Shutterfly · Offer for free online store from Café Press · Offer for free one-year subscription to Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine · Offer for free online training with Be sure to watch the videos of the great touch features. You'll

when good bread machines go bad...

i found out there was a timer on my bread maker and had grand visions of waking the family up to the smell of fresh baked something yummy. so i tried it out for sunday lunch, loading and setting it saturday night. yeah, something went wrong. i need more or less of something or other i guess, wish i knew. unfortunately it made a huge mess, stuck to everything, exploded, but fortunately, it was still yummy! :)

matt's song for choir tryouts

i think every parent should have a matt. a child to keep them guessing, laughing, and a wee bit nervous. you just never know what he'll do or say, or sing. for christmas play choir tryouts, they could sing any song. josh and lizzy chose amazing grace, and matt chose hey there delilah. it was between that and "i like 'em big, i like 'em chunky." glad he went with delilah. :)

soccer, soccer, and more soccer

another saturday of three games, this time back to back to back for a marathon day of soccer (and sun, we baked!). sorry, i can't report on any scores because i kinda didn't pay attention. and it's official, i stink at soccer photos. i just can't do it. if only they'd stand still for me. if only there weren't so many little buttons on my camera that don't make sense. maybe one day...

week 5 of homeschooling - friday, sept 18

today's our day off, but it seems the kids were wanting a little encouragement in certain areas. allen likes (and they dislike) for that encouragement to take the form of writing lines. they really don't like to be encouraged so much! · matt wrote i will not talk. (he was encouraged twice since he talked while writing the first!) · lizzy wrote i will not forget to do the dishes. (which somehow took her 3 hours! i think it'd be fun to make her write i will not write lines for 3 hours out of stubbornness.) :) · josh wrote i will be responsible and get my work done. (while i really don't like the use of the word done there, i think i'll let it slide. a page of writing the word responsible gives me flashbacks!) so probably not a very fun day on the prairie, but tonight is family movie night, so i'm sure things will look up. :)

week 5 of homeschooling - thursday, sept 17

pretty typical thursday. · math timed tests then today was a double appt day in dayton, so lizzy and i took our lunch and spent half the day there. · lizzy did math and spelling on the drive · with allen, the boys did math worksheets and spelling words then apparently watched the ultimate fighter (yeah, no idea there, ask allen!) · this afternoon while i baked more cowboy cookies, we did the prairie primer: art, science, writing, bible, living, health, sequencing · for gym class they played basketball and football · lizzy made a goldfish flower for snack/art and proves OCD is nurture over nature. (yeah, she gets it from me) :)

week 5 of homeschooling - wednesday, sept 16

today we uh, well see, umm, ah, we, well here's, yeah, um, okay we skipped school. :) allen was gone all day, so we decided to surprise him with a clean house and yard. okay okay, so i wanted the kids to clean and do some yard work and the surprise factor kept them on task. there, ya happy? i am! :)

week 5 of homeschooling - tuesday, sept 15

today started at the dentist office for all three, so health class! from the back i heard matt yell, " hey, i'm bored back here! " so i guess we need a what not to say out loud class next. :) · from the prairie primer: reading, writing, creative writing, science, health, bible, history · grammar and cursive worksheets for josh and lizzy · word search and maze about the solar system for josh and lizzy · still perfecting those abc's with matt. he's memorizing the us presidents, and he could probably solve quadratic equations, but he struggles with those pesky letters. · for cooking class we baked cowboy cookies , which may be the best cookies ever made! we need to write up our cookie research project still, but we won't include these. they would definitely skew the statistics as outliers. · math timed tests · music class was a jam session outside with allen. i secretly recorded a bit. i love hearing them! she caught me right at the end though. :) · gy

week 5 of homeschooling - monday, sept 14

hard to believe it's already week #5! · math timed tests & worksheets · grammar worksheets · lots of recess, or more like tackling practice today. · from the prairie primer: reading, writing, vocabulary, bible, health, first aid, science, living, geography · we did the primer work outside on a blanket on our little prairie. of course we sat in the shade of a tree, so not exactly the same. · since we discussed blood cells, i had them watch some blood component videos on youtube (i love youtube), then let them watch the movie osmosis jones . totally relevant and scientific. :) so a mercifully mild monday!

big day, big games

we had three games in three places today, which we managed well enough and had a fun day! lizzy and josh both lost, but we're not sure about matt's game. he thinks they won, but at that age it's hard to tell, and we were also kinda watching josh elsewhere. he did score a goal though! then we watched the march on washington on c-span and they had a big turnout! let's hope the govt will simply listen. and of course now we're watching the ohio state game, complete with buckeye casserole and buckeye fudge. GO BUCKS! if you missed the script ohio, the dotting the i incident was so funny! he did try to warn the cameraman before he hit him! :)

week 4 of homeschooling - friday, sept 11

today is our day off, but we're catching up a bit and spending some time remembering 9/11. · from the prairie primer: history, safety, literature, living, science · josh and lizzy played scrabble while matt played reading games online. · we watched a 9/11 tribute on youtube and will watch one on tv later today.

week 4 of homeschooling - thursday, sept 10

thursday is our appt day in dayton, so it's always a bit flexible. · math timed tests · lizzy and i worked on life skills with our appt, shopping, the accountant's, then the bank. i asked the bank if we could schedule a tour with the kids and they're checking with the manager and will call. they've never been asked before. apparently not everyone is bold enough to say may we please have access to your vault? leave it to a lundy. :) · lizzy also did math worksheets during the drive. · the boys did math, writing, cursive, and grammar worksheets · josh did some social studies lessons on the computer · gym class was soccer practice (specifically blasting the ball which paid tonight off as josh scored a goal in his game!) · friday's usually our day off, but today was pretty easy, so we'll catch up on our prairie primer tomorrow. a few hours one friday won't hurt, right? fortunately we're at a very happy part of the book, so they'll be happy to tal

week 4 of homeschooling - wednesday, sept 9

today, on 09-09-09, we started at 9am and our 9-yr-olds (and 7-yr-old) had a fun day. · math timed tests & worksheets · grammar worksheets · cooking - we made oreo balls , mmm! but fyi, don't skip the dipping part. yeah, i tried pouring chocolate over them to be lazy, and they're just not pretty! yummy though! · from the prairie primer (we started little house on the prairie): history, geography, bible, science, vocabulary, dictionary. · music - COG (children of God) practiced come home running . · gym - matt had a soccer game, #2 of 6 this week. · AWANA also started tonight and that counts as... not sure, but i'll think of a category! :) it's certainly bible study and memorization. (it also creates a weekly date night for allen and me, yay!) · and two late entries for life skills classes tonight... · thanks to our first flat tire since 2006 (when we bought the van), we learned about changing tires! how cool is that? the kids were actually so excited to wat

week 4 of homeschooling - tuesday, sept 8

most schools took labor day off, but we opted for water safety class , aka a camping trip! but today was back to the grind, which wasn't very grinding. · math timed tests · math worksheets · from the prairie primer they studied about the california gold rush, which meant watching some cute videos on youtube and a short writing/spelling assignment. · then we had a gold rush in the living room, searching for a golden egg with chocolate chips inside. :) · art class was making birthday cards to mail to grandpa. they mostly drew pics of themselves and what they did this weekend. they're quite proud and wanted grandpa to see. · lizzy had gym class tonight - her soccer game. we have 6 games this week, so they'll have lots of exercise! · tomorrow we start the second book, little house on the prairie. i plan to try this one differently and read it to them at night. i read something anyway, and this will make the day even faster! we'll see how it goes.

kayaking at fayette station

on our last day of camping, allen, will, and brittan kayaked fayette station a few times and the kids and i took pics. well, i took pics and the kids played on the wet rocks. :) even though it rained all day, we all had fun. we love this area under the new river gorge bridge. great views, you can watch the rafts and kayaks, there's easy hiking to the fayette station rapid, a safe swimming area, easy parking... very fun!