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week 5 of homeschooling - tuesday, sept 15

today started at the dentist office for all three, so health class! from the back i heard matt yell, "hey, i'm bored back here!" so i guess we need a what not to say out loud class next. :)

· from the prairie primer: reading, writing, creative writing, science, health, bible, history
· grammar and cursive worksheets for josh and lizzy
· word search and maze about the solar system for josh and lizzy
· still perfecting those abc's with matt. he's memorizing the us presidents, and he could probably solve quadratic equations, but he struggles with those pesky letters.
· for cooking class we baked cowboy cookies, which may be the best cookies ever made! we need to write up our cookie research project still, but we won't include these. they would definitely skew the statistics as outliers.
· math timed tests
· music class was a jam session outside with allen. i secretly recorded a bit. i love hearing them! she caught me right at the end though. :)

· gym class was (surprise) soccer games for matt and josh. my friend jackie might like matt's pose for my camera. he wasn't trying to say i love you though, he was trying to be rotten, yes during the game. :)