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Table Rock State Park

We heard about some great  hiking in South Carolina, so we stopped by Table Rock State Park.  Great hiking means two very different things to Allen and me, but I survived the strenuous climb up over 3000 feet (ugh!) and it was indeed worth it, as it always is.   See? Not exaggerating!   We had a great rest at the top.   This part looked so much like Maine!  Except no blueberries.  Those blueberries were a great bonus for each hike.  Our tangerines were okay, but it wasn't the same.   This wasn't even a steep part. I'll admit sometimes I pretend to care about getting a good picture just so I can rest.  I really don't care about these whatever flowers, I just needed my heart rate to slow and to feel my legs.  My sweet Matt left me some flowers and notes along the trail.   :) More pics:

Hunger Games

Due to Lizzy's obsessive intense love of The Hunger Games books and movie, we had to visit one of the filming locations as we passed through North Carolina.  Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest was were Katniss found Peeta disguised in the rocks.  Many other scenes from District 12 and the Hunger Games arena were filmed around here too.  And, much to Lizzy's pleasure, we walked the same path Josh Hutcherson walked.  Teen girls, sigh. The really fun part was taking the kids there and telling them only one winner could come home. :)  (Don't write letters, no children were harmed!)             It was a beautiful area, my pics are just blah.  I'd forgotten my polarized filter.  :/ 

Suicide Point

We have no idea what this area is actually called, but it was very cool!  Allen heard about it from a local at the truck shop.  A guy said there was a bunch of graffiti on rocks and a point where people had driven cars over the cliff.  We happened to notice it on our way to a hike and are so glad we stopped.  The rocky area reminded us of one part of Valley of Fire near Vegas, except instead of the pretty southwestern colors, it was all painted graffiti.  It was interesting and sad to see old cars at the bottom too.  A very neat find thanks to a local!

Rolling practice in the lake

While on a lake in South Carolina, Allen decided to give Matt his first kayak rolling lesson.  No one even imagined he would hit his rolls on his first day!  He's now rolling up like a pro, so our whitewater adventures will be even better!   Jack was not a fan of the floating dock! Videos: Matt rolling: Josh lost his paddle at the bottom of the lake, but he learned to hand roll! All three of our kayaker rolling together.  Notice one is a lefty.

RV before/after

We've made a lot of changes to our RV home over the past three years.  Of course once Allen gets bored, it'll probably change again.  :)  Since it was a brand new RV, it was hard to begin remodeling and redecorating.  But once we got started, it was impossible to stop!  We love making it our own and surrounding ourselves with colors and things that make us happy.  Here's a peek into our Sierra Treehouse 35Loft, aka home.    We're loving our real kitchen table and sit around it all the time.  We don't miss the couch, since we rarely used it anyway, although we may downsize the table and put in a bench or two for more cushy seating and storage.  Even though it was pretty (and one of the things that sold us on this RV), the stairs/wall was not functional and took up so much space, so out it went !  We put in a bench for extra seating and great storage, and you just use it to go up the stairs. In the lower kids' room, Allen first replaced the couch