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Meeting friends again

Look who we ran into! The Northams! We met this family in an Arizona campground back in December 2011!! Of course back then they had little kids and so did we! (The last pic, wow!) We had to weigh ourselves at Heart Attack Grill (because we're no longer afraid of scales!) but we totally made the wise decision to eat elsewhere, because we want it to stay that way! It was so fun to catch up with them on their Vegas get-away and we can't wait to see them again!

Valley of Fire State Park

We love this place! And it was fun to take Johnny here to see the amazing colors and formations. We hiked to the Fire Wave again and it's so pretty back there! But it's pretty everywhere!

Calico Hills in Red Rock

Beautiful day hiking in the Calico Hills at Red Rock! There’s no trail, so it’s just a crazy fun scramble to the top of the mountain for a great view of Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam

Lizzy's boyfriend Johnny is here for a few days, so we're seeing all the sights in and near Vegas. Our first stop was the Hoover Dam. We're having fun getting to know Johnny better and showing him the West. We plan to hit Valley of Fire, the Strip, Red Rock, and Mojave as well. I'm not sure who loves him more, Lizzy or Matt. :)

RVing Websites, Groups, and Blogs

Here are some handy links if you're just getting started or are still considering the RV life. RVING WEBSITES • If you're bringing kids,  has many resources, articles, videos, stories, and fantastic events to gather together with other fulltime families. Click on Start Here if you're new. • At, No Excuses: Go Nomadic  is a powerful resource that includes information about jobs, pets, community, mail, domicile, healthcare, wifi, and much more. •  has a ton of info, blog posts, a book, and courses, but begin with the links under Start Here for practical steps to get started. RVING GROUPS • The Fulltime Families Facebook Group has 28,000+ members and is a great place to get connected with the fulltime community. • RVillage is all about the nomadic community, with special interest groups, an updatable map so you can find new friends nearby, events, blogs, businesses, and more. • Escapees (or SKPs) is a