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RVer Health Insurance

What do RVers do for health insurance on the road? There are too many options to list. From employer-provided to self-employed insurance to health care cost sharing to going without, RVers choose from a wide variety.  It's certainly a consideration in choosing a domicile state.  Will we be covered as we travel?  Is Affordable Care actually affordable?  How much coverage do we really need? How did we decide?  We found someone who knows all about insurance and asked him!  Kyle Henson is both a fulltime RVer and an experienced insurance agent, so we were very happy to see the development of . He shares things to consider, gives recommendations, and shares info on specific states.  You can request a quote for more info too.  What works for us may not work for you, so we highly recommend you talk to Kyle at .  We always recommend asking him, so I'm happy he has an affiliate program now.  Use our affiliate links above or tell him we

Josh is 14

Our Josh is now 14! And we celebrated by meeting the grands at a very fancy... rest stop. :)  We were driving through Florida and the grands met us for dinner (and to bring us mail and presents!) at a rest area along Route 4. :)  He once again wasted his choice of cake by choosing lemon!  Besides that though, it was another good birthday and it was great to catch up with Grandma and Grandpa!

Tuck in the Woods

In South Carolina, we looked for a convenient campground to be close to the Marine base and the beach for the wedding, and found Tuck in the Wood Campground . It was really pretty and certainly tucked into the woods, but still close to everything.  Close to the campground, we found a chapel from 1740. 

Mekenna and Travis get married

We were so lucky to get to watch Mekenna and Travis get married on beautiful Hunting Beach in South Carolina.  That week was so cold, with the entire state under a civil emergency because of snow and ice.  And Saturday's forecast included 40°F, a gale warning, wind advisory, small craft advisory, and of course the whole state of emergency thing. But we woke up to a gorgeous day! It was windy enough to bring some laughter. Chilly, but not too cold. And just amazing for this awesome couple!  Mekenna was beautiful, as always (and somehow moreso), and Travis was so handsome in his uniform.  Matt played the ukulele for some fitting background music, and a little Elvis as she walked down the "aisle".  Paul did a wonderful job on the ceremony and it was just perfect with their family and friends gathered close together on the sand. ❤ Here are a few of my favorite pics.  I can't wait to see pics from the real photographer. :)  Mr. and Mrs. Souder are so fun.

USMC graduation

Watching Travis graduate from boot camp as a Marine was very inspiring. So much precision and care taken with everything.  The photo of the year goes to Shannan Harris, who captured her daughter's moment perfectly!  I just want to squeeze these two. :) We got up early (yes, even me) to see the colors ceremony and it was worth it. Then we headed to find a seat for graduation. Their movements were so loud because they were all in unison.  It was neat to feel (and see and hear) the patriotism and pride of the military and loved ones. Travis and Shannan, his future (as in tomorrow) mother-in-law.  Most of Travis and Mekenna's families. It was great meeting the Souders.  Our crew (all bundled up, so weird for us in winter!) What a neat experience.  We're so glad they let us intrude a bit (lot) on their family time!

USMC Family Day

We took a little road trip, a few days and states later, to South Carolina (and just missed the big storm, no worries) to see a friend graduate as a United States Marine. We kinda weaseled our way into Family Day and got to see the base where Travis has been at boot camp for the past few months.  Just a few quick pics, because we have to get up super early (even for normal sleepers, 5:30am!). Apparently the USMC wants to raise the flag with the sun and all, despite my opinion of noon being better.  They don't appear to be very lenient (ha! they're seriously very scary!) so we'll do things their way.  :) It was so sweet to see Mekenna and Travis reconnect after a long time away. I can't imagine how hard that would be for either of them.  He made it look so easy! But Mekenna was a good sport to try. :)  We were also "randomly selected" to be searched as we entered the base. They brought in the dogs and everything while we waited inside.  Al

Keeping it real

I hear it sometimes, " you don't keep it real " and " you only share the good stuff online ."   Of course I'm thinking what is wrong with your head that you need to see my real, bad stuff ?? Sometimes, you just don't want to (shouldn't even!) share your dirty laundry. This is one of those times, except it's clean, still wet even. So I'll share. There ya go bad-wanters. We have bad. We have nights where it's 11pm and the dryers suck and you run out of quarters and it's cold and wet outside and oh yeah, you live in 400 square feet.  What do you do? You drink a can of suck-it-up and improvise of course. Then you post it for the world to see because, it has bad-wanters. And because venting helps you feel better. You're welcome and thanks. :) And then you look at pictures and wonder things like, why on earth is there a drill on the sink ? 

New ukulele, and how to save money

Matt has been saving his money for a long time for this Oscar Schmidt concert ukulele.  And by saving, I mean he asked me to force him to save it and not allow him to spend his money, no matter how much he begged.  I did, and he did, and I did, and it worked!  (Money burns a hole through his pocket like crazy, so fortunately, he recognized that and asked for help.)  He's so proud and it's just gorgeous. And there's not much cuter than Matt on the ukulele. 

New RV table setup

We've loved having a real table in our kitchen/living room, but it was a little too big for the space.  And heavy!  Weight is always an issue for RVers. So we found this great little, lightweight, foldable table and some lightweight storage cubes/stools that we can move around as needed.  We can scoot it all to the side and use beanbags to watch movies or move it to the center to host card games or scoot it all to the side on moving day.  We have so much more room when we're boondocking (aka overnight camping at Walmart or rest areas).  It was such a pain to maneuver around the big table when cooking and eating.  Now we all have a place to sit and eat.  We can use half the table for work and half for TV watching.  Or move it all to the corner for a comfy seat for one (when we get a pillow).  Plus, STORAGE!  RVers can always use storage. As a bonus, my bread maker fits inside the purple cube! As another bonus, the purple cube matches my future pu