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USMC graduation

Watching Travis graduate from boot camp as a Marine was very inspiring. So much precision and care taken with everything.  The photo of the year goes to Shannan Harris, who captured her daughter's moment perfectly!  I just want to squeeze these two. :)
We got up early (yes, even me) to see the colors ceremony and it was worth it.
Then we headed to find a seat for graduation. Their movements were so loud because they were all in unison.  It was neat to feel (and see and hear) the patriotism and pride of the military and loved ones.
Travis and Shannan, his future (as in tomorrow) mother-in-law. 
Most of Travis and Mekenna's families. It was great meeting the Souders. 
Our crew (all bundled up, so weird for us in winter!)
What a neat experience.  We're so glad they let us intrude a bit (lot) on their family time!