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Happy New Year from Medina Lake

This part of Texas has been very different than the Houston area.  Medina Lake is outside of San Antonio and near pretty much nothing (which is how we like it). The lake was very pretty. We've heard that it was dry during the drought. The hills were fun. It's been a while since we've seen many. And we got to ring in the New Year at the campground clubhouse. We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you have a wonderful 2016!!! ♥

Reconnecting with my friend Dawn

After *cough*30*cough* or so years, I finally reconnected with a childhood friend in San Antonio. Dawn (Brown) Lopez was a friend of mine (and many of yours!) back in Waverly, Ohio and we touched base on Facebook. Online, I've watched her do this crazy fascinating "mum thing" and learned how big of a deal mums are in Texas! But it was so nice to see her in real life. She took us to a fabulous Mexican restaurant and we went to watch Star Wars. Of course our kids hit it off like they were old friends.

Mission San Jose

While we were in San Antonio, we stopped to visit the Mission San Jose . Like the Alamo, it was very interesting to learn more about the role of missions in Texas history.

San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk was something I heard was a "must see" in a city, which generally (to us) means "feel free to skip." BUT I'm so glad we didn't! It was very unique and interesting. We probably walked a few miles, along the river, over and under bridges, checking out the people, places, and wildlife. Shops, restaurants, boats, ducks, all along the slow river while the city above rushes around like cities do. For a city, not so bad! There were many boats giving tours up and down the river. Matt found ducklings! There is so much beauty below the surface!

Remember the Alamo!

We visited the Alamo in San Antonio and learned about the interesting history of this mission. Now we better understand why you should not mess with Texas! There were so many artifacts from the Alamo, including many guns and cannons.  The Alamo is right downtown and it was pretty neat to see history surrounded by the modern city. 

Colorado River in Texas

We enjoyed a few quiet weeks on the Colorado River near Columbus, Texas. It was so nice to celebrate Christmas with the windows wide open! It was a little hard on the hunters to see all the deer in the campground though. :)  One of the campground staff gave us some Charles Dickens oil to soak pine cones in, so these decorated our counter and made the RV smell all cinnamony.

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas with some fun gifts. Lizzy sure loved these socks from Uncle Ryan. Yes, that is a cat with shades surfing on pizza. :) Of course our morning had to start with our traditional cinnamon rolls!