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Exercising in an RV

Traveling is no excuse not to work out, so we've been exercising in the campgrounds, parks, even at amusement parks. Pull-ups happen anywhere, usually playgrounds or rafters. The TRX makes it easy in the campgrounds (attached to a tree or the truck) and Allen has some weights as well. No excuses!

20th Anniversary!

For our 20th anniversary, Allen and I had a ring-taking-off ceremony. We haven't taken our rings off since our wedding, in 1997, so 20 years! In climbing, it's dangerous to wear them, so we needed to take them off. But after 20 years, we didn't want to simply pop them off. So we had a ceremony over cake. :) And now we wear silicone rings when we climb! We also explored Asheville and had dinner in an old shoe factory.


Since we were close to my cousin in Charlotte, we got to visit with Joe, Susan, and the kids! And we went to church with them too. Since they're originally from Cincinnati, it was fun to see their Reds banner in North Carolina.


Since we need to be at Parris Island for Josh's graduation in July, we decided to do an East coast loop, which includes some of our favorite amusement parks. And since the last time we did that, Matt was too short for the rollercoasters, this time he'll get them all! Carowinds is on the NC/SC border. Since we got season passes, we added the meal package, for 2 free meals a day! 

Currahee Mountain, three miles up, three miles down

While looking for nearby climbing, we learned we weren't far from Camp Toccoa in Georgia and Currahee Mountain (from Band of Brothers)! Easy Company had to run the mountain, saying "three miles up, three miles down". We did have quite a hike up to our climb too, but it was very pretty. It was neat to be in the same area as the 101st Airborne Division.

7th Nomadiversary!

For our 7th Nomadiversary, we were in South Carolina. We chose cookies and ice cream, instead of our usual cake, and to celebrate with a movie! Check out our  6th in AZ ,  5th in AR ,   4th in AR ,  3rd in PA ,   2nd in FL ,  &  1st in VA !