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The kids had a lot of fun at Skyzone while we were in Orlando. They had a homeschool day and many of the other RVing families would go too. There were some wicked tricks and crazy dodgeball games. They were not happy about stopping to take this picture! :)


We feasted at the Grands for Thanksgiving. We tried cauliflower instead of stuffing and it was great!! Healthy for the win!  Buckeye fudge, yum!  Their crazy cat was always up to something. 

Universal Studios

Our season passes were still good at Universal, so as soon as we got to Florida, we spent a lot of time there again! One of our favorite things is that many of our friends had passes this year too! Love the family photo bomb behind them! :)  We love the Graham and Miles families! 

Visiting the Parkers in Georgia

On the way to Florida, we stopped to see the Parkers near Macon GA. We got to watch Greg drum with his band Southbound Mojo! They let us stay in their driveway and took us out for Mexican. They were even understanding when the kids triggered their alarm while we were out and the police showed up! :)

Blue Ridge Parkway

Since we were close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, we had to take a drive and a hike! Kayak still on top of the truck. :) 

The Green Race!

We've wanted to see the Green Race  near Asheville NC for years, but our travels never quite aligned. Until this year! Called the "greatest show in all of sports", this is a crazy kayaking race down the Green River Narrows. They time the contestants down the river with many class V rapids (scary) and thousands of people brave the crazy long, steep hike to watch and cheer them on. The kayaking was awesome, the rescues exciting, and the carnage scary but cool. We're so glad we got to experience this adventurous race. Of course the boys were dying to get in their kayaks!!