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Roadschooling Resources

Roadschooling has gained popularity over the years, and especially in the past few months as the pandemic brought kids home from school. Since we've roadschooled our kids for ten years , and we're surrounded by a mobile community of fulltime RVing families, it's just normal life to us. What is roadschooling? Just like homeschooling, there is a wide range of roadschooling strategies and systems (from school at home to unschooling). As more families consider this roadschool idea, here are just some of the great roadschooling resources available.  Camping Clubs  is a camping club, providing families with roadschooling resources since 2010, including guides, rallies, podcasts, blogs, Facebook groups, a  Roadschooling Branch , and more. The Fulltime Families Explorers is a mobile scouting program for roadschooling kids.  Books about Roadschooling  Unlocating: How Undoing Everything You Think Will Bring True Freedom   This is our book, so yes it's my f