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DSP (Inter)National Scrapbook Day Scavenger Hunt of 2010

You made it! Welcome to the START of the DSP (Inter)National Scrapbook Day Scavenger Hunt of 2010! This has been such a fun event to plan - we all have been grinning ear-to-ear as we've created goodies and a little fun for you. We're envisioning a madly giggling, enthusiastic, awesome MOB running around together in electronic format! Be sure to register with the DSP Blog or DSP Facebook Page so that we can keep you up to date on all latest projects, products, sales and events! Here's your treasure pack from me! But... hold your horses! The hunt doesn't officially start until May 1st , so links won't be totally active until then! The link will be active from May 1st until May 10th, 2010. >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD YOUR TREASURE HERE I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for just being YOU - one of the most special parts of DSP for sure! Thanks for hunting for treasures here at my place! >>>>>>>>>>WANT

Our life, in three trunks. Now THAT is downsizing. :)

We're packed. All our memories and the things we can't live without (one day) are neatly stored in three trunks, plus Rocky (the rocking horse Allen built for Josh). Seriously downsized! We're taking these and my grandma's bedroom furniture (that her family brought over from England) to store at my aunt's house until we settle down again (if we do such a thing). Two of the trunks my grandma and her brother took to college, so even those are special. We have her china (that we used, I miss that!), some of Allen's woodworking, Ukraine things from our trip to find Josh, a few of my ceramics, the kids' trophies, some souvenirs, scrapbook, photos, files, and random meaningful stuff. We took photos of some of the things we'll miss, but don't need to keep. Digital memory takes up so much less space! So now we're down to finalizing the RV organization. Only 5 more days until we leave! Scrapthemap

Sad day as we said goodbye for now to our dog, classes, random fun...

Today was a tough day for us, as Jack (the dog) had to go to our sister's house (where we got him). Jack will much prefer running free and being spoiled to being cooped up in the RV and on the dreaded leash, but it was hard on all of us. So hard Allen almost turned around and came home! So we had some intense love and attachment therapy, and a really rough day. But we're all happy that Jack has such a great place to live and we look forward to visiting him soon! He recognized where he was and was very excited to see his doggy friends again, so we know he'll be happy! We took a last family photo, but poor Matt said he simply couldn't smile today (and I don't think he ever did). :( Chess is becoming a morning tradition and Matt especially is getting better quickly. So I guess morning classes covered strategy, concentration, patience, memorization, and Lizzy threw in some art... :) On the drive to our sister's, (Matt and I stayed home), the kids apparently l

The auction is over and the fulltime RVing is beginning!

Downsizing complete! Thanks to an auction, and weeks of hard, hard work, we are now the proud owners of nothing! Well, besides a few houses (anyone want to buy a house?), and our truck and RV. Now we're free from the STUFF, and I couldn't believe just how much STUFF we had! We had great stuff and loved our stuff, but shew, we much prefer it in the form of a check. We've decided from now on the only things we'll collect are memories and digital pics! We couldn't believe the turnout, especially on a rainy Sunday. There were cars and people everywhere! Was it weird watching our things sell? Yeah, a bit, especially at the end when it all went so cheap. But the important thing is, it all went. The captain has turned off the fasten seat belt sign and you are now we're free to move about the cabin, I mean country! The kids all worked so hard carrying, organizing, and cleaning! Boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff... We were so glad they put up a tent. It definitel

A frog in his pocket...

No, not a story, or a cute saying, or a silly joke, just a frog - in his pocket. Why? I did ask that and he said, as any 7 year old might, "I didn't know where else to put it." And yes, I reminded him of our family motto, no, not that one, the other one. Nature stays in nature . I wish they'd remember that one!

View from my new office

Well, technically this is the kitchen/living room, but the kids are in the office (using the TV). Same yard, just a different view than I'm used to, so the ever-changing scenery has begun! Scrapthemap

our first stop once we start fulltime RVing? yeah, cabela's!

because yes, we are that lame, next monday we're stopping at cabela's , for the night, because we can. yes it's only a few hours from here, but ya know, time is relative now! we've always passed this store (with longing) because we never had TIME to stop on the way to or from whatever kayaking trip we were on. we had to hurry to get to wherever to do whatever and hurry to get back home to do whatever and we never had time to just be. so now we will be, at cabela's. :) by the way, i hope stores always ask for our zip code so we can say "well, what's yours? yeah, that's ours then." :)

going once? going twice? the auction block is up!

the auctioneer brought the block today and a gazillion tables (which we've already filled!) we just need more boxes (anyone have boxes??) we worked for 12 hours today (ugh lemme tell ya!) and have so much left to do, but it's a good start. we have 5 days to finish up before the auction sunday! it starts at noon, so get to church, and get here. we're 2 minutes from grace, and they'll have lunch here! (hm, i wonder if we get to eat free?!) i know it's worth it and i know people need things sorted into hammers and screwdrivers and vases and baskets and candles and pans, but dang! i wish we could just dump it all together and sell mystery boxes. unfortunately, i think, allen and i are going to work for the auctioneer, so i'll know how much things are selling for. not sure i really want to know that! but at least i'm grateful it'll be gone so we'll be free of stuff. my brother ryan's here helping us greatly (his car's in the shop - very for

moving pains

yes it's exciting getting ready to sell everything, but oh it hurts too. not my heart, my back! my aching back. we lifted and carried and bent and cleaned and sorted and shew! i may never buy furniture again. we could park our RV in the middle of 100 acres and just stay. moving stinks! trying to work on the floor stinks more! trying to work on the floor after moving stinks the most! but we did go get ice cream and that helped. :) scrapthemap

recipe for buckeye crunch, or funky frito fruckies

recipe for buckeye crunch.  this is one of those recipes someone has to tell you about because you'd never stumble upon it.  then they have to force you to try it because it looks and sounds pretty awful.  but then you try it and LOVE it! sweet and salty. break off a little or a lot. so good. i melt a small bag of chocolate chips, but the hershey bars sound even easier. (i also melt it better than the pic, that was my first try). :) here's a recipe for funky frito fruckies . go try it! of course since we like it for buckeyes games, we call it buckeye crunch. :)

digital scrapbooking storage in a paper scrapbooking case :)

what does a digital scrapbooker do with a paper scrapbooking organizing case with all the pockets and compartments for doo dads? gut it and use it as luggage! or better yet, as storage for laptop crop prizes and supplies! now loaded in the RV and ready to go! hoping for some digital scrapbooking prizes? you might win something in there if you meet us at a crop while we scrapthemap!

week 33 of homeschooling - playing, packing, unschooling

monday josh went to a homeschooling buddy's house and they played all day long, because they can! as he was leaving, josh promised he'd work on his fine and gross motor skills. he cracks me up. all three are getting in as much friend-time as possible before we leave. we're packing up the RV this week, so much time will be spent on learning to follow directions and help mom and dad carry stuff! fyi, writing is always better outside on the warm driveway, with a friend close by. lately we've been reading, researching, and discussing unschooling , which is very poorly named. it's more like untraditionally schooling, because there *is* schooling. so it's a crazy name that causes some people to have negative opinions (which i of course will simply ignore because my kids are not their kids, so who cares?). and since they're a year ahead in most things, it really wouldn't hurt to try anyway. as we've shared some with the kids and are "assigning&qu

let the fun begin! toys for fulltime RVing.

today we got some of the fun things packed! allen worked on a pulley/rack system to hang the big kayak. the little one goes in the basement. yes, there are 5 bikes on the hitch. can you see the red ohio state cornhole boards? :) yeah, we hadta do it. the kids' skate boards and outside toys are in the red tub. and for the rainy days and inside fun, lots of games to keep us/them busy. um, there's a bow in there it seems. that's so not for inside... scrapthemap

week 32 of homeschooling - farm stores, fresh milk & eggs, meeting fulltime rver karen

since it was the week after easter, and the kids did find baskets full of candy, we pretty much just hunkered down and survived. our strategy is let them go wild and it's over sooner. a sugar rush around here is like a tornado, but then poof, it's gone... the rush and the candy. wednesday, my friend kim took us on a great drive through the country to some farm stores. the kids LOVED the fresh milk, even lizzy our milk hater, and the brown eggs. i also got some flour for my bread obsession hobby. thursday we got to spend a little time with karen (aka fulltime rver at dsp)! she was stopping in dayton for a few days (i know?!) and we took the kids and asked a bunch of questions. they were so gracious and seemed not to mind our beginner rving questions too much! she also showed the kids the dulcimer and gave us a cd, which the kids are crazy about. matt especially just sits and stares out the window as he listens. and matt never ever just sits and stares! :) we also fou

the new dsp mobile office? sacrifices for fulltime RVing!

i don't mind giving up clothes, furniture, appliances, etc, but the office downsize will be hard! dsp headquarters is moving from an office and warehouse, to this... a desk and chair, yikes! this room does also have a couch, tv, and bathroom. (oh, and a ladder to the treehouse. i may have to close the trap door so kids' heads aren't peeping down while i'm working!) i guess we could have business meetings in there. i'm just not sure. maybe don't call us, we'll call you? :) nah, we'll be proud of the closet of an office and invite you anytime! we'll even BRING it to you!!! :) i'm going to love our mobile office, because it's mobile!!!!! scrapthemap

just a few weeks and we'll be on the road - fulltime RVing!

it's official, we're hitting the road in a few weeks! we scheduled an auction for april 25 where we'll sell everything we're not taking in the RV. which is a lot. come and bid. a lot! :) we have a kayaking/camping weekend trip coming up where we can take it for a test run, then we'll head home to finalize things for the auction. (aka carry things to the barn like mules). we'll probably live in the driveway for a week or two! after the auction, awards night for awanas, and my women of faith event in columbus, we'll head................... dunno! isn't that cool?! probably east to a river that allen says won't kayak itself. but it'll be fun not having to pack up and rush home afterward. we'll be home. no matter where we go! we'll post more about where we're going soon. but the fun thing is, we're going! :) scrapthemap

WOF Wednesday - If you could become a Women of Faith speaker, what would you talk about?

what a hard choice! the easy answer (and probably what most women would care to listen to) would about be our life on the road with three young children. as we travel the country in an RV, we'll be roadschooling instead of homeschooling and working remotely from remote locations. we'll be visiting churches across the country, though we'll greatly miss our supportive church family here. but we'll meet other fulltime RVing families on the road, spend time with scrapbookers across the usa , and explore this amazing country with plenty of time and no agenda. since it won't be a vacation, there will be no hurry to get back home (we'll bring our home)! i imagine i'll have lots of stories and lessons learned about sharing 300 square feet with our family of five and an ever-changing back yard. we're leaving may 2nd, right after i get home from WOF in columbus ! pray for us! :)

our backyard, ever-changing when we begin RVing

we'll sure miss this view from our back yard, especially before/during/after storms. but of course we look foward to having a different back yard all the time! it'll be nice to have mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans (oh, lovely oceans!), hills - anything besides corn fields! though we sure have loved our corn fields i must admit. scrapthemap

Happy Easter from the Lundys!

HAPPY EASTER! hope you enjoyed easter today (or yesterday for our downunder friends). we had a great service at church (i thought allen was going to play the strings right off his guitar!) and a relaxing day at home with the fam. the kids hunted easter eggs and ate way too much sugar. i attempted some sibling love photos, but those are harder to coerce these days. why do they always end up like this?? deviled eggs, mmmm. and pumpkin pie, mmmm. (yes that's a christmas plate. don't judge!)

Making the RV a home

we've been working on getting the RV ready to go and packing everything that we're not currently using, wearing, or eating. i think the living room/kitchen is finished! yes, the baskets are secured with velcro and will hold light weight stuff. it's a great extra storage solution, plus i get to keep my baskets! :) the second bedroom has room for three big tubs under the couch, perfect for the kids' three desks. no, they don't look like desks, but then the RV doesn't look like a house. or a school for that matter! :) allen's worked hard on customizing the basement and yeah, he's addicted to pegboard. see his post here . tools on the side and fishing poles on the ceiling. :) scrapthemap

new whitewater park in springfield for kayakers

we all went to watch allen play a little in the new whitewater park in springfield (buck creek). it's a GENIUS idea and it's looking great. kayakers around here will love it and allen hates to leave it now that it's almost finished. it has great viewing for the family too. we got to sit and chat with allen as he was surfing! we usually have to hike in the middle of nowhere to get to any rapids and then we're far from the action. so this was really fun for us! there are two drops in one area, then four in the next, maybe a mile down. but all close together for great viewability. the water was low, but plenty to play in. and josh can even run this one safely! here are some of the pics. i have to teach these kayakers to face the photographer! and get those paddles away from their faces. and yeah, you could die and all, but smile! makes my job easier, sheesh. :) :) :) there are a lot of pics, so they're on flickr if you're interested. my favorites: (and yes,