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Our life, in three trunks. Now THAT is downsizing. :)

We're packed. All our memories and the things we can't live without (one day) are neatly stored in three trunks, plus Rocky (the rocking horse Allen built for Josh). Seriously downsized! We're taking these and my grandma's bedroom furniture (that her family brought over from England) to store at my aunt's house until we settle down again (if we do such a thing). Two of the trunks my grandma and her brother took to college, so even those are special. We have her china (that we used, I miss that!), some of Allen's woodworking, Ukraine things from our trip to find Josh, a few of my ceramics, the kids' trophies, some souvenirs, scrapbook, photos, files, and random meaningful stuff. We took photos of some of the things we'll miss, but don't need to keep. Digital memory takes up so much less space!
So now we're down to finalizing the RV organization. Only 5 more days until we leave!



Heather Mattern said…
I am amazed!! This process is much harder than I thought it would be, its great to see we are not alone!