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Fish, and more fish

There was a lot of fishing in Florida. As in Allen went all day, every day.  He took a random child here and there.  Here are a few highlights.  Many roadschooling opportunities for the campground kids as always.  Mr. Lundy's filleting fish again if you want to go watch! Of course this is what happens when you fish all day, every day...

Broken bone!

It was inevitable, but we're all surprised it took this long.  Matt does some crazy adventurous things, and has no fear, and has some coordination and sensory issues, and well, he's just crazy.  Oddly enough, this time he was just playing with friends in a sandy playground, ducked under someone and landed strangely on his arm. A big goose egg rose quickly on his shoulder and since he said he was in pain, we knew it must be bad.  So after 9 years of not needing one, we headed to the doctor.  Well, after buckling in, I said Matt, do you have shoes on?  No, so I went back in for those. Such a mom. He liked the attention of course and embarrassing me. The boy likes to talk, loudly, to anyone, about anything.  After x-rays, we learned he had a slight break in his collarbone and just needed a sling for a few weeks and rest. I'm sure *that* will happen.  A little roadschooling, the nurse showed him his insides. He had a pretty fun time, until the excitement of having

Josh is 15!

This boy had a birthday and requested our homemade ice cream cake .  We ate cake with the grands, and Allen took Josh to watch American Sniper, which he loved. He's also shaving now, can you tell?  It helps if you squint. :)  Well, maybe it's the monitor! :)  We might enjoy teasing him a bit too.

Florida homesteading

Our friends the Fosters have a homestead in Florida and invited us we begged them to let us visit. It was fun to see how others set up for their RVsteading.  They're on a beautiful river and the guys got in (even more) fishing time. Jack was excited to finally have some freedom again! So of course he just did this beside the RV all day. :)  The boys were happy to pull up and see a zip line first thing. They had a lot of fun just being boys. Loud boys. :) And we all had a good time visiting, eating, and enjoying their lovely spot in the middle of nowhere in Florida!

Key Largo glass bottom boat

After the Everglades, we took a quick trip down to Key Largo! We took a great glass bottom boat tour at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park . A beautiful day, lots of fish, friends, and fun!  Plus, key lime muffins for breakfast and fresh fish for lunch! Of course. Ah, here is a view of Florida that we love! From afar.  :)

Everglades, Big Cypress

We went back to the Everglades this year and camped with the gators. Then we took a hike through their swamp!  We love the Monument Lake campground. It's just dry camping around a small lake, which is usually home to an alligator or two.  This one wanted to get in on the fishing.  Love the sunsets here, rain or shine.  5 photos worth of our wonderful view.  The swamp hike was fun, muddy and wet, but fun!  We stopped at the smallest post office in the US. Unfortunately, Walker Kitty was not eaten by a gator. You missed out buddy!