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Broken bone!

It was inevitable, but we're all surprised it took this long.  Matt does some crazy adventurous things, and has no fear, and has some coordination and sensory issues, and well, he's just crazy.  Oddly enough, this time he was just playing with friends in a sandy playground, ducked under someone and landed strangely on his arm. A big goose egg rose quickly on his shoulder and since he said he was in pain, we knew it must be bad.  So after 9 years of not needing one, we headed to the doctor.  Well, after buckling in, I said Matt, do you have shoes on?  No, so I went back in for those. Such a mom.
He liked the attention of course and embarrassing me. The boy likes to talk, loudly, to anyone, about anything. 
After x-rays, we learned he had a slight break in his collarbone and just needed a sling for a few weeks and rest. I'm sure *that* will happen. 
A little roadschooling, the nurse showed him his insides.
He had a pretty fun time, until the excitement of having a broken bone wore off and the pain started becoming more noticeable.  But a little medicine and pizza helped and he was happy to rush off to show his friends. 
It healed well and he wore his sling for a little while. We're trying to remind him to be easy with it, but well, he's Matt.