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New porch

Allen, with some help from the boys (not necessarily Jack), built a nice porch for our front yard area. It keeps us out of the rocks and mud and we can easily move it back when we pull out. Of course it's perfect for our Buckeyes welcome mat!


Except for the occasional times that sheep show up, not many big events happen around here. There are just random daily slices of life, sometimes educational, sometimes cute, usually weird. Lucy kept trying to knock the ladder over when Allen was working on the gutter.  The goats double as chicken beds and don't seem to mind.  Lots of things are growing in the greenhouse and garden.  Allen's sprouting barley to make the food stretch even more. The bunnies like the grass and the chickens like the roots.  Lizzy made some cute cat cupcakes. This bunny is cute. This chicken is NOT cute!  Matt is so happy and free here. And so weird. He just wants to be able to run through the rain in his underwear. Fortunately (??) that can happen here. We let the goats mow the field all day.  They're usually joined by chickens and deer.  The deer come daily and don't seem to care who else is around.

Bunny room of happiness

The rabbits are still loving the bunny room of happiness. They love running around, climbing, jumping, lying in their food... Our Tom Selleck twins.  It takes the bunnies a while to figure out how to get up the ramp:


Have you ever looked out the window to see random sheep wandering around your fields? It happens on Lundy Mountain. :) We called a neighbor a few miles away on the next mountain and he indeed did lose a few sheep. :) We herded them into the goat pen, but catching them to get them home was hilarious challenging.  I watched helped by taking pictures guarding the gate, because they kept trying to either jump out or bust down the fence. But they were finally all wrangled and taken back home. It turned out to be a really fun, crazy day!  Josh getting juked: It's harder than it looks. Converge! Converge!

Lucy, Lily, Walker, sunset

It was Lucy's (the goat) birthday. Any excuse for cake!  She's a year old and ready to be a mom already. They grow up so fast. :) Goofy Lily. Walker slept like this for hours, with the creepy grin.  Pretty ending. 

Mother's Day, sleepy cat

My family sure knows what I like. Happy Mother's Day! The greenhouse is a great solution for laundry on rainy days.  After it cleared up, Walker Kitty took a long nap in the middle of the field for some reason. 

Bunny cuteness

There is a lot of baby bunny cuteness on the farm. They sleep in crazy positions. :) One of our favorite things they do when they're small is pop around like popcorn. As they get bigger, it gets even more entertaining.  Here is bunny pinball!


It's been so quiet on the RVstead that we asked to borrow our goats back for the summer! :)  Matt was especially happy to see them (and they him!) So Lily and Lucy came back, and surprise, Lucy is pregnant, so we'll have a baby goat soon!

5th Nomadiversary

We celebrated our FIFTH year on the road (with ice cream cake of course). Although we're once again parked for a few more months, we're still loving our life on wheels and plan to travel more next year. We've really found a sweet spot between traveling when we want and sitting still when we don't. We've enjoyed RVsteading and hunting and are looking forward to some more exploring. We celebrated our first in VA , second in FL , and third in PA , and our fourth and fifth in AR. After cake, Matt found a hummingbird in the greenhouse. It wore itself out trying to get out of the clear ceiling. He helped it out and it rested a while, but finally flew away happily! 

Homeschool field trip

We had a fun day at the park with some other homeschoolers. Lots of games like crab walks, three-legged races, and sack races!

Sleepy animals

Walker Kitty was tempting fate Jack and Walker both were worn out from something. Walker broke into the chicken brooder again!  We wondered if she'd be nice to them and she did tolerate them. Until she got hungry.  Comfy Matt found a hummingbird who'd worn itself out trying to get out of the clear greenhouse roof. Talk about sleepy! But he finally flew away.