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Ocean day

Since we were on the Colorado River, we followed it all the way down to the ocean, to Matagorda to enjoy the beach for a day. Matt got a kick out of this, artwork by Allen.  Until Jack dug him out and scratched his chest!  This was very Texas!  Allen and I decided to get healthy, so we had one last day of indulgence. Donuts, Whataburger, and BBQ. Yeah, we all felt awful that night!!


After we met the Johnsons, who have our twin RV, we convinced them to come camp with us. Like, right beside us. Like, we just chatted through the screen windows we were so close. :)

Why we winter in the south

This is why we head south for the winter! We usually go to Florida, sometimes California or Arizona, and this year Texas for a change, but we always go south, because we can! We endured decades of Ohio winters and now we avoid them at all costs. The cats stayed behind to keep the mice out of the barn. (Yes, they had someone to feed and play with them - and now they're fat and lazy!) But the snow didn't bother them at all. They took some pics of the snow for us (the caretakers, not the cats!). Of course Arkansas had a pretty mild winter and (besides freezing nights) only had a few days of just a little snow. Too much for us though! Walker Kitty doesn't look happy, but then she never does. It didn't seem to affect her, but then nothing ever does. :)

Friends and more friends

 In Texas, we knew of a few families we were hoping to see, but they were spread pretty far. Then came word of a small get-together with the Boyink and Weed families near Austin, so we were hopeful. Then they posted on Fulltime Families and BAM! A FORTY family meetup! Then we found out the Johnson family would be there too, what a bonus! We've managed to miss each other for years. The Masons and Straits also came and they were in our same campground! We probably only managed to talk to half the people there. And we thought things would be quiet in Texas in the winter! :)  Of course my big camera died soon after we arrived, so just trust that we had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. We also found out that my friend Nelda was close by, so we got to sneak in another visit that same day!  I usually see her once a year, but didn't get to last year, so it was really nice to catch up, if only for a short visit. The kids had a great time together and Mat

Lake Conroe, Willis TX

We enjoyed the views in our campground on Lake Conroe in Willis TX, though we mainly took advantage of their great pickleball courts.

The Voice!

Lizzy decided she wanted to face one of her biggest fears, singing in front of, well, anyone. She has an amazing voice, but no one ever gets to hear it, thanks to her stage fright. (And no, nothing helps.)  BUT she decided to overcome and audition for THE VOICE! Talk about kicking fear right in the teeth! We were so proud of her for trying, and I'll admit, a bit worried she wouldn't go through with it, but she did! We stood in line for six long hours on a very cold day in Houston, and she didn't even hesitate! She went right in and sang in front of her whole group! While she didn't get a ticket to move on to the next round, she absolutely won! And we had a neat behind the scenes look at Minute Maid Park too. 

George Bush Presidential Library

Since we were in Texas, we checked out the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum . It was really interesting and fun to learn all about our 41st president.  Also fun to pretend a bit behind his desk. :) Yes, his desk has drawers on both sides and he didn't use the Resolute desk. He used his desk from the vice president's office. President Bush kept his baseball glove close by.