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Happy Thanksgiving!

We were so thankful to have Uncle Ryan for the holiday. It was great to see him again. We watched movies, played games, had our day out, but mainly just ATE a ridiculous amount of food. Lizzy and I baked all day and made way too much for six people. But yeah, it was all gone in three days. If you were wondering, my Instant Pot made deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken wings, and a deer roast! People seem to think there's no room for a feast in an RV kitchen, but we manage. Probably too well. :) Lizzy made extra buckeyes too, so we could enjoy them while we watched the Buckeyes beat that team up north on Saturday! Lizzy made yummy, and pretty, banana pudding.

Springfield with Uncle Ryan

Uncle Ryan came to visit (yay!) so we took a road trip to Springfield to Bass Pro Shops and Lambert's Cafe. Bass Pro was all decked out for Christmas. In the Winter Wonderland, there were all kinds of free games and rides and even Santa in overalls. Thanks to Uncle Ryan, the kids went on a shopping spree and had a great time choosing! The boys went with knives and Lizzy chose a silly hat and a stuffed squirrel, because she's hanging onto her childhood. :) Then we went to Lambert's, because Ryan and Josh hadn't experienced the crazy amount of food or the excitement of rolls being thrown at you from across the room. It was a hit of course.  Josh ordered the Hog Jowl and was amazed at the giant pile on his plate. Plus of course the endless pass arounds and flying rolls!

This week on Lundy mountain

Since Allen hung a deer feeder in the tree with the swing, he moved the swing by our front porch. I'd enjoy it more if it weren't too cold to go outside. Obviously it's not too cold for Matt, even without shoes. Josh has taken over the greenhouse for his electric guitar loud room.  Too bad it's not sound proof. We love the rainbow sunsets around here.  I got a photo of Matt in the deer stand. More leaves are down, so he's a bit easier to spot.  Sometimes we find scary things on the trail camera!  Sometimes, after hours of hunting and monitoring trail cameras, the deer just show up in the yard at lunchtime to mock us. We were eating venison, so the joke's on him. :)

Oh, these cats

How much do these cats sleep? Most of the day, unless it's whack & pack day, then they "help". Why does Walker sleep upside down? Why does she do most of everything she does... Josh left his coat outside to not smell "too humany" for hunting. Hope the deer like the smell of cats. They apparently sneak around at night, stealing the deer peanut butter lick! And sometimes they scale trees just for fun. Walker went quickly all the way to the top and Chewie slowly made his way up, until she raced him down. Whack & pack day, so fun for them. Chewie likes to play with his food. :/