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New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve, we dropped Lizzy off to spend her birthday with her friends Laney, Neva, Jayda, and Megan and to have a few days of girly fun.  We stopped for Chinese on the way home.  Matt got a pretty awesome message from a cookie. ("Everyone agrees you are the best.") Then we celebrated with other RVing families in Orlando. I'm not sure why Jason Simpson is dancing. We watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV, which was extra special since we went there this year in NYC ! 

Document December, week 4

December is scrapped! I did it!!! I took a photo a day to Document December AND tossed them onto my page for the last week. Since I did 7 days for the first three weeks, I had a few extra days to toss onto this one. (Control J to duplicate the day tabs!) As usual, I used Erica Belton's Plastic Pocket Overlays , Nicole Young's day tabs , and the Happy Holly Days Megakit for the background pieces. Want to join in? Try January, February, daily, weekly, whatever! You can do it however you wish. Check out the Document December forum for ideas! Week 3: Week 2: Week 1:    See the post about how I did it using digital scrapbooking here .   


On Christmas morning, the kids were very surprised to see that Santa brought them phones!  (Which will be so convenient for them to check in with us now, and for them to keep up with friends.)  Then we went back to the grands, where they were spoiled more by Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Ryan.  And we had a great dinner together. This is pretty much all Matt did for the rest of the day   week   month.  Jack enjoyed some Christmas turkey and seemed pretty happy.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the grands.  They'd both been very sick, so we'd missed visiting with them!  And they didn't have the energy to decorate, so the boys put up the tree and decorated while Lizzy and I cooked dinner and desserts.  The kids opened the gifts they bought each other.  They did a great job and picked just the right things! Lizzy was very happy with her Hunger Games bracelet and necklace!  And (oddly to most, but not to us), Josh loved his pack of hot sauces!  The boy's strange. :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, from our home (on wheels) to yours! Why yes, that is a free Christmas card from the DSP newsletter made by Christine Gundersen !

Weaver Believer Survival Revival

We got to see the Weaver family again in Orlando.  Aka the Weaver Believer Survival Revival .  They're the RVing, singing family that our kids talk about pretty much all year long.  Jimmy's married and gone now, so Steve is lead guitar and is doing great!  We got to hear some Christmas songs we hadn't heard before and they were very fun.  Definitely in the Weaver style! Of course our favorite song is Dueling Banjos. 

Florida randomness

We were so glad to hit Florida and warm up! 70-80° days, yes please!  The kids couldn't wait a day to go see the grands. The protected turtles run wild in the campground.  (Yep, Jack the dog was scared of them!)  They're not afraid of anything though and will eat out of your hand. Swimming at night.   Potlucks with other RVing families.   Laney turned 13!   Decorating the RV for Christmas. Tornado warnings make for interesting days in campgrounds.  And pretty sunsets!    Important note in campground tornado procedures: secure your valuables!  Every so often we see a skywriter over Orlando too.  It's fun to see right over our RV!