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Bittersweet Day for Allen on the river

Today Allen and some of the OAC kayakers went on a search and recovery mission on a river in Dayton. It was their second attempt. A man named Eddie Davis has been missing since Nov, last seen fishing near a dam. He’s been assumed drowned but wasn’t found, until today. The police came to recover him and the family came, which Allen said was the hardest part as the reality sunk in. They were extremely grateful though. I can imagine they needed that closure, but can’t imagine how hard it was to see him like that. The story was on the news tonight. Here are a few screenshots. Kudos to Thane, Kathy, Michelle, Brian, Sheila, and Allen for helping that family find closure. It was a great thing to do, but I’m sure it was hard on everyone. : (

Merry Christmas!!

what a fun holiday! uncle ryan, grandma, and grandpa spent christmas eve and christmas day here and the kids of course had a blast. way too much food, way too many presents, and way too much fun all around. the picture to the left is my favorite present. it's for all of us, a cruise together this spring!!!

It's a winter wonderland here!

my goodness the snow just keeps coming! but we're having a ball in it! and it's giving me a great excuse to use the amazing new DSP Winter Wonderland CD (on sale now of course)! sorry, i had to say it! but it is an awesome digital scrapbooking cd, especially if you're stuck with all this snow! we've been outside of course, snowball fights and snow kayaking . i've been working my waterproof camera hard and it's doing very well! last night we went to the levy in town and took the kayak for some great fun under the lights after dark. despite being plowed in the head by josh in the kayak when it was my turn to be the human ramp (something only a lundy would say), i had a ball myself! here are a few of our winter fun scrapbook pages!

Our house is now a home :)

after three years, our house is finally finished! lots of color, dark blue, dark green, and brick red (and even pink in lizzy's room)! i love our bold new colors, it really warms up the house. and i love my new kitchen shelves (to the left)! i saw this in a magazine and thought it would be perfect for our little farmhouse. all the baking stuff is stored in mason jars. it's so convenient to have the sugar, flour, etc. all where i can see it, plus it's decorative! of course the yummy candy in the candy store is even more fun! here are the before/after pics of the last room. quite an improvement!

Our house in every season

i've been waiting to do this page forever, but i kept forgetting to take the pictures! it's our house in every season. i need to get better spring and summer pictures though. guess it'll be a while now! click the picture to see it close up and read the journaling.

Matt can read

this makes me sad! my little boy is too young to be reading! this little stinker won't wait on me, school, or anything! doesn't he look so proud?! doesn't he know that if he grows up, i'll be old?!

it's a snow day!

we had our first real snow of the year, and it resulted in a snow day! we played in the snow for hours and i tested out my new waterproof digital camera! much better when it's snowing, the camera's dropped, and kids throw snowballs at you!!

Christmas pictures and a new Christmas desktop from DSP!

i love the DSP monthly newsletters ! besides great info, there's always a great desktop you can plop your photos on to spruce up your monitor! there's a calendar for that month and places for your photos and journaling. this month's was great for our new Christmas pics! i took about 50 pictures and ended up with 3 or 4 that i like! :) i also used them on my photo purse ! i'm sure i'll use them all month long!