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Bittersweet Day for Allen on the river

Today Allen and some of the OAC kayakers went on a search and recovery mission on a river in Dayton. It was their second attempt. A man named Eddie Davis has been missing since Nov, last seen fishing near a dam. He’s been assumed drowned but wasn’t found, until today. The police came to recover him and the family came, which Allen said was the hardest part as the reality sunk in. They were extremely grateful though. I can imagine they needed that closure, but can’t imagine how hard it was to see him like that. The story was on the news tonight. Here are a few screenshots.
Kudos to Thane, Kathy, Michelle, Brian, Sheila, and Allen for helping that family find closure. It was a great thing to do, but I’m sure it was hard on everyone. : (


Anonymous said…
Oh wow. I can't imagine how he's feeling. He did a good thing.