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Our big day, Oct 31

We had a fun day celebrating our big day. It's Allen's birthday, Josh, Lizzy, and Matt's adoption days, and of course Halloween.  It's Josh's 11th adoption day and Lizzy and Matt's 6th.  Allen chose the cake, strawberry with strawberry frosting.  Yes, I asked, and no, he did not consider the color of the cake (and hence the photographic opportunities) in his decision.  He thought maybe his survival knife would man it up a bit.  It's still pretty pink! :)  I'm not much of a cake decorator, but it was yummy. And very pink. 

Visiting the Jacksons' houseboat

We had a great time vising Doug, Shauna, and Piper Jackson in their houseboat! It was great to catch up and see their little girl, who is so not little anymore. We had fun, even though Matt was apparently "aggravising" her. :) Boy was she adorable! We're used to small living spaces and it was fun to see this one. Their boat is really unique because it literally looks like a house, on the water. We even got to take a cruise around the lake and stay nice and warm inside. How cool to have front and back porches on a lake!  They have so much room inside and the vaulted ceilings are great. As we were cruising, Matt sat in Piper's room with the lake out the back window, pop in his hand, and said "This is the life"!  Yep, I can see one of our kids living on a houseboat one day. The lake was very pretty surrounded by fall colors.  I got to practice with my new polarizing filter on my camera lens.  (I need a lot more.) We had a bit of en

Southwestern RV bedroom

We finished the bedroom redecorating by finally finding a comforter that matched the southwestern theme we hoped for. We loved the colors all over Arizona and figured we'd find a quilt there that would be perfect for an Arizona desert theme, but yeah, no.  But we finally one that matches our kinda-loud-hard-to-match curtains and has all three of the tan/brown/orangey/sandy colors we (as in I) painted the room.  Plus, it has these awesome musical dancing people!  :) So: king sized southwestern comforter - check!  And with that, our redecorating is finished!  Well, until we find something else to change.  :) 

Trick or Treat

We got to our next campground just in time for their trick or treat night. We met up again with the Nims family and the kids had a ball begging for treats. (The blog will probably be quiet for a few days, while we avoid the kids and their sugar rush!)      Those eyelashes were crazy! No idea how people wear these.   The boys just wanted to be scary.  We decorated our little home thanks to the dollar store.  We love disposable decorations!  The trading process begins.  The parents go hide in their room - for 3 days.  The Lundy kids on sugar is a scary sight.  We try to get it over with as quickly as possible and just stay out of their way.  Beware! Yeah, one has a touch of OCD... Jack had fun too, helping us pass out candy (and maybe poking his nose in a few bags).  He got lots of attention and even a dog treat. 

Family pics & cream horns

I'm fortunate to know a great digital scrapbook designer who's also a great photographer in Ohio , so when we came through Ohio, I made a date with Tina Chambers ! As luck would have it, she knew of a place in Hillsboro that gets REAL AMISH CREAM HORNS from Adams County daily too!!!!  After striking out in PA Amish country, and not really wanting to drive hours to Adams County, I was soooo happy.  We may have had them more than once.  They had other yummies too, all from the place we used to frequent in Allen's stomping grounds. Um, besides the food, we had fun having pictures taken for Allen's wallet.  Since I'm always behind the camera, I wanted to be in a few.  Now future generations may say ohhhh, she must be the mom. :)  If you're near Hillsboro/Sardinia, check out Tina Chambers Photography !  (And get the cream horns at 24 Exchange!) We loved the pics, and it was fun to catch up with Tina and her son Tate, who we haven't see

Shredder + kayaks = whitewater for everyone!

We now own a Shredder !  All 5 of us (plus Jack the dog!) can now enjoy whitewater boating together.  A Shredder is like a whitewater raft, but more maneuverable.  We named it Shreddie Kruger. :)  Thanks to Denny Wortman for this family picture on Rocky Fork.  It was a beautiful day enjoying this peaceful stretch - until we got to the Chutes (Class III rapid) - then it was an awesome day! Usually the boatless among us hike to rapids and watch/photograph our kayakers or find something to amuse ourselves nearby.  (Okay, sometimes we sneak ice cream cones!)  But, since Lizzy and I haven't quite taken to kayaking (that whole being upside down underwater thing - I know it's an irrational fear, but we're still embracing it nonetheless), we always miss out on the fun.  We love rafting, though, and the trips we've been able to bum with generous friends.  When Shredders started showing up on trips, we thought it looked like the perfect boat for us.  It shreds the rapids, so

Springfield whitewater park

The boys practiced surfing at the Springfield whitewater park.  And did a little showboating for the camera. It's so fun to see Allen out there teaching them kayaking skills!  It's just a gorgeous park and such a fun spot for kayaking and watching. Lots of fun playing! In between taking pictures, I also cleaned the shredder up ready to be packed away for the winter.   Another fun day on a river, and our last until Spring probably.  This was our snippet from unschooling !