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Trick or Treat

We got to our next campground just in time for their trick or treat night. We met up again with the Nims family and the kids had a ball begging for treats. (The blog will probably be quiet for a few days, while we avoid the kids and their sugar rush!)
 Those eyelashes were crazy! No idea how people wear these. 
 The boys just wanted to be scary.
 We decorated our little home thanks to the dollar store.  We love disposable decorations!
 The trading process begins.  The parents go hide in their room - for 3 days.  The Lundy kids on sugar is a scary sight.  We try to get it over with as quickly as possible and just stay out of their way.  Beware!
Yeah, one has a touch of OCD...
Jack had fun too, helping us pass out candy (and maybe poking his nose in a few bags).  He got lots of attention and even a dog treat.