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Cat, goats

We're apparently doing product placements on the RVstead now. You may call it selling out, we call it rabbit food storage, also a kitty pillow. :) And you really, really can't turn your back on goats.  Matt walked away from the job, and I found this.

Storm, rainbow, Bubba & the chicks

We got to try out the new gutters on the barn, thanks to a quick rain storm. Allen was glad they held up. I'm just glad they now match.  (Thanks to spray paint!) We were treated to a rainbow after the storm!  Bubba and the little chicks are starting to wander a bit farther from their chicken tractor during the day.  The bigger chickens mostly leave them alone, except for constantly stealing their food.  Bubba is so fat he sits down to eat! :) 

Busted chicken, goat kisses

This chicken is busted! And full of cat food.  She saw me peeking through the window with the camera and had to decide if it was worth it. Apparently it was.  And no, Walker Kitty never did wake up.  I got a video of this the next day!  It's Chick Norris again! Lucy got a lift up to give the kitten a kiss.   Of course Josh was trying to coax Annie to come to him, and she's the only one who wouldn't.  We also found a use for the broken windows that we boarded up. Somehow they fit. 

Goats, kitten, tires, chicken, kale, sunset

Lucy finally let the other goats near "her" tires that we paid the govt not to dispose of . Deuce likes to walk through the tire when he's not bouncing on the other two. Annie seems to want to move this tree. Walker Kitty doesn't like her tiny water bowl. She prefers the bigger-than-her bowls for the goats and chickens.  I added (and painted) a brown tire that we paid the govt not to dispose of to the potato pile. They're growing like crazy! This is some farming foreshadowing. Jiffy Puff is outside the freezer now, inside later...   A few years ago, we didn't know what kale was when we had (and loved) kale chips. Today we had some from the garden!  We had a crazy quick and big storm today, but the sunset after is usually worth it.  Plus, I didn't have to water the garden. :) 

Tires, goats, kitten, chicken choir, paint, and Bass Pro :)

The truck unfortunately needed new tires today, so the goats got some new play toys! Lucy loves jumping on them and won't let the others on. Maybe they'll get a turn tomorrow. Did you know you *still* have to pay the tire disposal fee, even if they don't dispose of them for you?! The goats think that's stupid. So do we! Walker Kitty visited the goats today and gave kisses.  And attacked!  And was attacked. And had her ears chewed. Lily took a shortcut, under Deuce. And today we had our first volunteer for the chicken choir. One of these days!  I now have my hanging pots! Now the big question is, do I change everything I've already painted too blue and too yellow to match this less blue and more green ? Or do I paint these to match them. Hmmmm.. And under the " this cat sleeps hard all day and in strange places " category, we give you Walker Kitty... I do think Bass Pro Shops should hire her. :)  Or at least thank me

Greenhouse shelves

I thought Allen was crazy when he bought these shelves from a discount store. We went to the store to buy things ON the shelves, but whatever. They are actually quite perfect, with some bright paint anyway. :)  And should make for some easy watering.  We also may attempt a chicken choir.  Come on, these are begging for singing chickens lined up in rows!  We shall see... I'm going for natural colors, but insanely bright and cheerful natural colors.   The chickens approve.   Random cute kitten pic.  Walker Kitty was stalking an unsuspecting pine cone. :) 

Random RVsteading

Typical days on the RVstead.  Deuce thinks the rabbits are tiny goats and wants them to come out to play. Bottle feeding three hungry goats can be tricky. Here, Matt demonstrates a new technique.  "Oh, did you need to use this work table? Our bad."  "I'll just sit here and watch those goats, just in case they need to be barked at."  Matt and I took a ride on the 4-wheeler down to the lake. We love our secluded beach!  Especially nice for stripping and swimming. :)  One of these days, I'll track down the people who live over there and give them a few photos of their mountain.  Just trying to figure out how to not seem so stalkerish.   Whitewater kayaks are great for easy transporting on 4-wheelers. Allen took the boys to go swimming while he fished.  I asked Matt to wear Jack out. (He loves chasing this!)  Yes, I really just wanted to keep Matt busy.  Win-win-win.   Mid-June, we just ate our last fish from this winter in FL and we&#