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Tires, goats, kitten, chicken choir, paint, and Bass Pro :)

The truck unfortunately needed new tires today, so the goats got some new play toys! Lucy loves jumping on them and won't let the others on. Maybe they'll get a turn tomorrow.
Did you know you *still* have to pay the tire disposal fee, even if they don't dispose of them for you?! The goats think that's stupid. So do we!
Walker Kitty visited the goats today and gave kisses. 
And attacked! 
And was attacked.

And had her ears chewed.

Lily took a shortcut, under Deuce.

And today we had our first volunteer for the chicken choir. One of these days! 
I now have my hanging pots! Now the big question is, do I change everything I've already painted too blue and too yellow to match this less blue and more green? Or do I paint these to match them. Hmmmm..
And under the "this cat sleeps hard all day and in strange places" category, we give you Walker Kitty...
I do think Bass Pro Shops should hire her. :)  Or at least thank me for the free advertisement of their awesome tackle bag/cat bed.  (You are welcome Bass Pro Shops!)  (Kidding.)  (Though I would totally accept thank yous in the form of gift cards. Or words.)  :)