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Babies everywhere

We let Baby Goat pretty much go wherever he wanted. How could you refuse that face?! He always came back to Lucy who was usually tethered out in the yard.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the RVstead. Happy boy, goats, dog, chickens and all the usuals in the background: RV, truck, barn, ATV, laundry. That's pretty much the RVsteading life. :)  We moved Walker's kittens again (home #8) because it was just too hot in the greenhouse. We tried a big dog crate, blocked off from the chickens. That lasted a few more days. Awwww... Rusty Nail was getting bigger too! Baby Goat was a little surprised by a chicken: He got used to them pretty quickly though:

Swimming down the road

We went swimming down the road some more.  I think the flooding made the lake even more fun than usual. Sometimes we drive down, which Jack especially loves. He runs all the way there (it's a mile, mostly downhill) and hitches a ride on the way back when he's worn out.  And sometimes they get more creative. 

Watching Baby Goat

We just enjoyed watching Baby Goat for days. He was so active right away. He'd sneak a nap and Lucy would wander off grazing, but then he'd run to her as soon as he woke up, and he stayed pretty close for a while.

Walker moves her kittens again, and again

Walker apparently felt the need to outsmart any predators (and us!) and moved her kittens somewhere up under the RV. We could hear them, but couldn't see them. That lasted for a few days, then she moved them back to the greenhouse. I think they were starting to get a bit too adventurous and she needed to keep them from falling out.  In case you're counting, this is their 7th stop on the Walker Kitty tour of homes.

10 item wardrobe, or maybe 15

I was inspired by a Money Saving Mom post about a 10 item wardrobe . Today I got mine down to 23, but only 15 that I will wear often. A few are ridiculous skirts that I love and will wear sometimes, just to be ridiculous. :) And I need a brown shirt for 2 of the skirts (bottom left), so I'll have 24. I'll probably cut that down as I find shirts that better match everything else. I have one fancy shirt/skirt that aren't in my color wheel, but I love them. And I have one outfit just for Universal (because it has lots of pockets, so no purse check line)! But for general every day wear, I'm counting 15. I had 14 full outfits, but that was overkill since I mix and match better these days. My closet is happy! As a friend pointed out, yes, camo and tie dye are both in my color wheel. It's a pretty eclectic wheel. :) You'd think we'd be pretty thinned down already after 5 years in an RV!  When we hit the road , we took 14 outfits. My theory was we could go two w

Meet Ace! Our first baby goat

Lucy had her baby, Ace! Who we forever after simply called Baby Goat. Baby goats are so stinking cute! We've had many, many births on the RVstead, but this was our first goat and we were nervous. Lucy was a little young and it's common for goats to dislocate hips and things like that, yikes! And of course we didn't want to lose any babies. Rabbits are hard enough, but they're so tiny. We knew the goat would be different. Plus, these are borrowed goats, so we really didn't want anything to go wrong. It was quite the learning experience for all of us! Allen turned out to be a great goat midwife. :) Matt's face stayed a combination of curiosity and horror. I tried to document this birth with pictures and video, praying that it would be over quickly for poor Lucy (who was crying in a heartbreaking way) and that Matt  none of kids would say anything bad on video (he waited). Lucy was a great mom and took good care of him, although she made us go down into t

Relaxing, underwater flowers, sunset

We had some relaxing days, under the tree... At the lake... It was even higher, covering all the wildflowers on the side of (what used to be)  the road! Josh finally got a shearing.  We had to say goodbye to Peter Rabbit. He had a good life though, and really enjoyed his job. :/ Jack watching a sunset close the day.

We move her kittens

We were worried about the kittens burning up in the greenhouse. It's a million degrees and they were always panting. Plus, it's not very snake-proof either. So we made them a new box in a cooler (no, it couldn't close) blocked off from chickens and hopefully everything else. They lasted there a few days. And started opening their eyes. Even though Walker was tired from being a good mama, she still didn't miss a freezer camp day. Also, I just noticed Lizzy's wearing dress shoes with her redneck clothes to process chickens. She tries to fight it, but the redneck is strong around here. 

Walker moves her kittens

Sadly, a snake got one of the kittens before Walker could get them all moved out of the barn and into the greenhouse. She was all freaked out and refused to go back to her box in there. We fixed her box up better and put it up high, but she moved them back to the greenhouse again. It seemed like it would be too hot, but mama knows best. They seemed very content.  We made more blackberry jelly and canned it outside where we could watch over them a bit.