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Meet Ace! Our first baby goat

Lucy had her baby, Ace! Who we forever after simply called Baby Goat. Baby goats are so stinking cute!
We've had many, many births on the RVstead, but this was our first goat and we were nervous. Lucy was a little young and it's common for goats to dislocate hips and things like that, yikes! And of course we didn't want to lose any babies. Rabbits are hard enough, but they're so tiny. We knew the goat would be different. Plus, these are borrowed goats, so we really didn't want anything to go wrong.
It was quite the learning experience for all of us! Allen turned out to be a great goat midwife. :) Matt's face stayed a combination of curiosity and horror. I tried to document this birth with pictures and video, praying that it would be over quickly for poor Lucy (who was crying in a heartbreaking way) and that Matt  none of kids would say anything bad on video (he waited).
Lucy was a great mom and took good care of him, although she made us go down into the woods instead of staying up near the barn.
Matt's face was great the whole time. Lily was pretty weirded out too.
There was a really sweet moment where poor Lucy was bashing her head into the fence to push and in pain and Lily came over trying to comfort her. So sweet!
We didn't let Jack in the pen, so he got as close as he possibly could and kept watch!
It was fun to watch him work on standing, walking, and nursing.

Lucy was getting huge and we were worried there would be two, but fortunately only one, Ace!
Once it was over, and the camera wasn't rolling, Matt, in his Matt way, said "Man Mom, I bet you're REALLY glad you adopted now!" :)
We hadn't seen Walker Kitty for a while. She apparently missed all the excitement while she was sleeping with the chickens.

Here's a video of the little guy trying to stand. And his little bleat is so sweet!

It was almost bad timing, because we had a Crowder concert that evening (although of course we'd have missed it if needed). Fortunately, Lucy and Ace were all happy, healthy, and settled in with plenty of time for us to hit the road. And the Crowder concert was GREAT! It was the kids' first concert and the most eclectic one Allen or I had seen (in a good way). It's hard to describe, but their website had a good description: It was like a laser equipped Cracker Barrel was dropped to planet earth by alien beings who fancy the earth music of Johnny Cash, Dexy's Midnight Runners, L.L. Cool J, and George Frideric Handel. It was so fun!