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Lundy Mountain, Arkansas

Where are we now?  Well, we were "living in a van down by the river" for a month.  But this bridge, while pretty at dusk, is really loud and annoying with all the traffic, all day and night.  So we moved to the top of a mountain in the Ozarks.  With a pretty sweet view.  And bought a trampoline.   And we pretty much love it.   No, we're not "settling down", we just wanted a campground away from campground so the boys can hunt, the kids and dog can run, and we can just be.  Yep, we love it.  :)

Watermelon fun

Because when you're a boy, being gross is awesome...  Ingredients : Watermelon Drill Plastic cup Gross boy imagination

Mountain View

We got to visit online friends and fellow fulltime RVers who we visited before we hit the road back in 2010.  This is a log cabin built around 1850 in Mountain View, AR.  Look how small the kids were back then!  They patiently answered our many questions about RV life.  They are camped nearby and we went to enjoy some music.  First, a pretty drive.   Then a weekly jam session.  The boys played and Allen even tried the washtub bass.  Then we went to lunch, right on the river.  Matt's burger was bigger than his head!   And we checked out a dulcimer shop where Karen got the boys started.  Matt wants one now.  :) A fun day of music, visiting, and scenery!

Northern Arkansas

We're exploring northern Arkansas, which is a beautiful area.  The Ozarks don't quite feel like mountains after the Rockies, but they still give us incredible views.  The lakes and rivers are the main attractions and we're right on one of them.  It's sometimes very eerie in the mornings. This was my changing view one day.  Bull Shoals Lake  We discovered a cool park with a monument to train workers and some cars to climb around on.