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Black eye, visitors, food, & fun

They still insist this is perfectly safe.  It doesn't look that safe to a mom. But I'm sure they're fine. Perfectly fine... We convinced (the new) Mrs. Mekenna Souder (and her adorable puppy) to come visit Lundy Mountain and had fun showing her around.  We found some mushrooms on the walk home too, so we had some for dinner.  Along with salad from the garden, fish from Florida, and homemade bread.  Livin' off the land (mostly anyway).   We also found a new spot for our RV sign since no one sees the front of the RV now. :)  


The storms that swept through Arkansas mostly missed us.  Sadly, a few tornadoes touched down farther south and lives and property were lost.  We just got the strange colors, rain, and wind.  It certainly encouraged us to finalize our tornado plans! 

Barn finished, mostly

The barn is up!  It's complete, except for two windows that were broken in transit.  They'll get those in eventually.  That's a lot of barn for just a mower.  Jack was, of course, the supervisor. 

Barn raising

The building of a barn. This was about 4 hours today, finishing up tomorrow! You'll notice Jack tried to be in most of the pictures.


Here's something I've been wanting to see.  A rainbow after a little shower and fog coming out of the lake valley. I wish you were there, because my photography skills stink are lacking. And what's at the end of the rainbow?  Our mountain view of course!

Chicken chickens

We were able to start letting the chicks out.  They stayed pretty close to home though.  They were so funny, jumping up on the edge, out, then right back in.  Guess "they were chicken" makes sense. Penguin wasn't really sure about the whole going outside thing. He finally did try, then right back in! In, out, back in, but they seemed to enjoy it.  We sure enjoyed watching our Chicken TV. 

Level up

We, as in Allen, had to clear and level the land for the barn. Jack was stretching in preparation for his job of supervising everything. Allen got right to work.  Josh got right to play.  Allen worked for hours and everyone else was exhausted.   Matt slept like this for hours. :) 

Random pics

Random "catching up on the blog" pics.  Our garden is growing a lot of... rocks. :/  That's mountaintop gardening! The chicks settled in nicely to their cozy log cabin.  Josh spends a strangely large amount of time sitting on the mower. He got Jack to join him too.  Yummy mushrooms from our woods. I actually saw another sunrise!  Chick Norris is the bravest and fastest of all the chicks.   Open the door!  Everybody run!  Jack was really tired of fixing things.   Our new (to us) freezer for more deer, fish, and chicken! 

Mowing grass

For four years, we've not had to mow.  It's been lovely.  We've said that RVers change tires instead of mowing grass, and we sure did our fare share of that.  We, as in Allen, of course.  And now we're back to mowing.  We, as in Josh and Matt, of course. So glad that the boys think it's fun!