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visiting back home, and packing up

we went back to waverly to pack up my parents' stuff and MAN are we tired! it was a beautiful drive here through the ice castle world of southern ohio. it was probably the worst day of the year to load up a moving truck though. ryan shoveled a path, then allen shoveled more, THEN it snowed more last night, so allen had to shovel it all again! but the ice was so thick it was crazy slick out. not good when you're balancing the world's heaviest furniture on a dolly! (yeah, that's a trolley for those of you down under). but it's all packed (the pic below was just the beginning!) and we're ready to head to florida for some SUNSHINE! we'd be looking forward to it, but then we know when we get there we have to unpack it all! but at least it won't be freezing and we won't be walking on ice. :)

what a fun post at the DSP blog!

buried under the snow and ice

like everyone else around these parts, we're buried under the snow and ice! we had inches of snow, then a layer of ice to compact the snow down really good, then more snow on top of the ice, until it turned into a frozen conglomeration of white stuff! absolutely beautiful though! the kids enjoyed yet another snow day at home of course. their snowsuits and boots are really getting a workout this year! but we're more than ready to head to florida soon to visit the grands. and get WARM!

playing today at 2pm: the lundy family on ice

prompted by free passes from school, we all went down to hobart arena today and had a ball ice skating! all three kids spent a considerable amount of time on the ice (and have the bruises to prove it), but they had so much fun! it didn't take long for them to abandon the wall and skate like pros, well maybe not pros. :) there were lots of people there, many of them also beginners, so we all fit right in. great activity for the family, especially if your kids bounce as well as ours! :)

more snow kayaking :)

we did some more snow kayaking (yeah, snowyaking) last week and had a ball. even though it was below zero and we thought we might lose some fingers and toes!!! allen posted our trip report on the extreme grace website if you want all the info. :)

quick trip to utah

i flew to utah for the weekend for a laptop crop in salt lake city! a dsp member ( sands_healy ) came all the way from oman , so i had to go that far! i also got to meet one of the designers, christine who i'd never met. also got to meet sarah , a new designer starting in feb. and of course lots of other great scrappers, some i'd met before, some i met for the first time. i love my online friends!!!!

DSP Designers at a glance

At DSP , we have very unique & talented designers! I love seeing their boxes all together on the DSP blog !

ice skating at the lundy home

so we're covered in a layer of ice around here and to most people, that means hazardous roads and canceled events. to our kids though, it means FUN! we're learning that the convenient walkway we built this summer , during the winter apparently becomes a slippery slope of death. and to them, that's cool! it's more like ice sliding than ice skating, but they love it. had to take some video and pics of course! VIDEOS HERE! video of josh wiping lizzy out . video of all three and matt wiping out .

christmas board book project

matt is (maybe reluctantly) showing off the christmas board book we made for the grands this year. i used an instant album ( christmas cottage by lauren bavin at dsp), plopped in some pics in photoshop, printed, cut out, and double-sided-taped them on a house shaped board book . quick and easy! and the book is about 7x7 so grandma can take it in her purse to show off the grandkids at will. :) the pages are below, click to see up close! it's also in my gallery at dsp .

2008 year in review and 2009 calendar combination project!

this year i combined our year in review album (always a must to make me feel like a "good" scrapbooker), with a 2009 calendar to give to the grands. i also printed one for us! i love gifts you can just print twice. that's so not re-gifting! i used (as always) an instant album ( what a year by tina chambers at dsp) and a calendar grid ( calendar grid brushes by kim liddiard ) and plopped in photos from each month of 2008 (so in 2009 we can look back at what we were doing a year ago), and printed on 13x19 paper. i also put all the birthdays on there. you know how grandparents can be forgetful. (i put mine really big). :) click below to see up close. they're also in my gallery at dsp .

Birthday girl!

lizzy is 9 now! she has a whole month and a half to enjoy being a whole year older than josh! she had her "bestest best friend in the whole wide world" over and they had a ball. they played with her my little pony movie theater, beanie babies, and rode her new hannah montana bike! and the grands gave her the cutest outfit, including a hat she'll probably live in now. we got her pretty good with sparkling trick candles too. :)