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The tree house (or barn)

well it's happening. allen's building a tree house for the kids and it's evolving into a very fun, elaborate injury magnet. it's still a work in progress, but it now has three levels, sides (barn siding) and roof on the third level, padded bench, mounted gun to keep away enemies (corn trolls are apparently bad in this area - they have various power rangers action figures stationed around the tree to watch out though), slide, fire pole, zip line, rope ladder, and many more things they’ll get hurt on eventually… just so you know, pine sap comes off with cooking oil or WD-40, then soap and water (just keep that in mind if you visit). and just so you know, if you build a tree house in a pine tree, you'll want lots of cooking oil or WD-40. the kids are loving it of course. they spend hours out there. so does allen, not sure who likes it more. all of the "features" are strong enough for adults, so we've thoroughly tested the zip line, ropes, poles,

At Adobe HQ in San Jose

We're in San Jose now and are enjoying the beautiful weather. We took some pics at Adobe and yes, I kissed the ground! :) The flat grannies even came along. Hopefully we'll share more pictures tomorrow too when we go back. More later!

I get to go to Adobe's headquarters!!

That's like the Mecca of digital scrapbookers! Amanda and I were invited to San Jose , CA to the Adobe headquarters! We're so excited. To a digital scrapbooker, that's better than an invitation to the White House! We can't share why we're going (or we'd have to kill you and all), but hopefully we'll be able to post some info and pictures. :) Do you think they'll look at us funny if we take off our shoes and kiss the floor? It's sacred ground I'm sure. We'll have to help each other not to point and squeal like little girls! We're really excited about the meetings and know it will be a fun experience. But I can't wait to just be in the building(s) and soak up the Photoshop atmosphere!

Fun with Photoshop, and the 2007 DSP Scrappy Awards!

this is such a fun event! the 2007 dsp scrappy awards ! my dress was digitally made by irene alexeeva . you should see all of her dresses! she may have missed her calling. :) thanks to photoshop, luke wilson and i attended the pre-awards party and had a ball! red carpet and posing for the press, it was great! wait til you see what all we do at the awards show at dsp ! it's really an event like no other, so be sure to check it out! and tell me what you think about my dress! i primped all day getting all glamorous! ;) i had to add a layout too! :)

DSP products on websites

it's always been fun to see our products in retail stores. it's also neat to see them online, especially at stores like kmart and joanns! i love to see how digital scrapbooking is growing and know that we're helping to fuel such a fun hobby and passion!

Our catalpa trees in annual bloom

Our catalpa trees decided to drop their flowers this weekend. It only happens once a year, and for a few days, the entire yard is covered in beautiful white flowers and smells so good. It looks like a scene from a sappy romantic movie! Since we were away to be with family, we missed the prettiest days. Of course spending time with family and celebrating my grandma's life was much better. So we didn't get to enjoy it all weekend, but we did get to enjoy it for a little while. And of course I took pictures!

My grandmother

We lost my grandmother May 31st at the young age of 94. Here is a page I made for her 90th birthday. Another I made for a different birthday (she had many!) was read at her memorial service. It said a lot of those things you usually wait too long to say, especially thanks and I love you (although you can just never say it enough right?). I have no doubt where she is right now, and that she was so ready to go, and I'm sure she's singing and dancing in perfect health, but it's still sad for us. We'll miss her.