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The tree house (or barn)

well it's happening. allen's building a tree house for the kids and it's evolving into a very fun, elaborate injury magnet. it's still a work in progress, but it now has three levels, sides (barn siding) and roof on the third level, padded bench, mounted gun to keep away enemies (corn trolls are apparently bad in this area - they have various power rangers action figures stationed around the tree to watch out though), slide, fire pole, zip line, rope ladder, and many more things they’ll get hurt on eventually… just so you know, pine sap comes off with cooking oil or WD-40, then soap and water (just keep that in mind if you visit). and just so you know, if you build a tree house in a pine tree, you'll want lots of cooking oil or WD-40.
the kids are loving it of course. they spend hours out there. so does allen, not sure who likes it more. all of the "features" are strong enough for adults, so we've thoroughly tested the zip line, ropes, poles, etc. the view from the top is really great. it's a very peaceful place to sit and think, although the screams of delight from the fun below interrupts a little. :) come check it out if you can. we have plenty of WD-40! :)


Brian Vinson said…
I spent many hours in my backyard treehouse as a kid, including jumping out while holding on to the ropes... nice ropeburn reminders not to do that.

I'm glad your kids get a chance to have those experiences.