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Color in the kitchen!

the kitchen is finally green! now we only have one more room to go that's not painted with COLOR! it's not quite finished, but we're happy to have bold instead of boring now! we're starting to feel like we really live here, and it's been three years. :)

Elf yourself! We did!

this is so cute! office max has a fun website where you can upload your photos and they're morphed onto dancing elves. you can also record a message to send. so fun! thanks to meg and beth for the link! ***click here to see the dancing lundy elf family*** ! then go elf yourself and let's see yours!!! okay, i had to do more! here's just me alone . what a dork! here are the three kids with our dog ! :) here's my mom, dad, and brother ryan . my dad just cracks me up! here are "the girls" , our favorite four girls, with some great moves! here's a greeting (with voice) from amanda and me for our friends at dsp.

We're now in Hobby Lobby and at!

You can now find Digital Scrapbook Place CDs and Pixel Magic in many Hobby Lobby stores! Go check out your local store and see if they are there! These pictures are from Huber Heights, Ohio. Of course they’re in over 60 other stores across the nation as well, so check here for one near you . They're also available at ! Yay! It’s fun to take your family/friends who just don’t get it and say HERE is how I scrapbook. THIS is what I do. My parents still won’t get it… but they’re proud. : )

Family picture time!

We had our pictures taken together (professionally) for the first time! I know I take at least 100 a day, but these are together! And I'm not running from the self-timed camera threatening non-smiling kids. And I don't have to Photoshop out the background, or adjust the coloring, or take out shadows, etc. I think they turned out pretty cute, for a family of Lundys! :) Photos posted with permission and taken by Kelly Cook at First Impressions Photography .