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Elf yourself! We did!

this is so cute! office max has a fun website where you can upload your photos and they're morphed onto dancing elves. you can also record a message to send. so fun! thanks to meg and beth for the link!
***click here to see the dancing lundy elf family***!
then go elf yourself and let's see yours!!!

okay, i had to do more! here's just me alone. what a dork! here are the three kids with our dog! :) here's my mom, dad, and brother ryan. my dad just cracks me up! here are "the girls", our favorite four girls, with some great moves! here's a greeting (with voice) from amanda and me for our friends at dsp.


Anonymous said…
That's great! Here's another holiday classic:

Happy holidays!
Anonymous said…
Have been searching for days and hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not joking, i have spent so much of my time trying to figure out how to make an avatar out of my elfyourself image! plase tell me how to do it!!!
The Lundy 5 said…
it's simple! just take a screenshot. here's an easy tutorial too.