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Our big day!

It's here again. Halloween, Allen's birthday, and Josh, Lizzy, and Matt's Adoption Days!  Even though it was freezing, Allen requested this awesome ice cream cake . Allen was very happy to find a tree stand he's had his eye on! The goats helped assemble it. You walk the top and bottom parts right up the tree. [Flash forward: In the first week after this, Allen got 2 deer and Josh got 1!] And Lizzy made us spooky cookies while we watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Can you believe that was from 1966?!

Chick Norris

Chick Norris is something else. We can't keep him in the pen, no matter how far back we clip his wing. He half-jumps and half-flies and every time you turn around, there he is, out again. He's like the Chuck Norris of your nightmares! We were discussing if we should just send him to freezer camp, because it's well beyond time. He's just so interesting.  And Walker Kitty just started chewing on his leg!  Apparently she needs no freezer camp, processing, cooking, she just wants a chicken leg, right now.  Matt tried to get her away, but she was pretty hungry!  Another time, I heard someone in the barn and Chick was digging around in the trash and flipped the basket over on himself.  He was not happy!  Walker Kitty thought it was pretty funny though.  So we clipped him yet again, and again.  (What is Walker Kitty doing?!) He's safe, for now anyway.

Monday Night Football cats

This is how we do Monday Night Football. Why yes, Luna is still creepy. Walker Kitty isn't, when she's asleep anyway. 

Fodder system

We're sprouting barley to feed the critters because we can quadruple our amount of feed, for free!  We've been looking at hydroponic fodder systems and it looked pretty easy.  Some are really fancy, with automatic watering systems and shelving and gutters, but we like simple.  Like this one .  Hydroponic fodder system just means throw some water on barley seeds!  We tried it out and will start a rotating set of buckets soon to use all fall and winter (in the greenhouse).  Since we like these buckets, that means more ice cream for us!!! Just cut and serve.  The goats liked the grass and the chickens liked the roots and seeds best.  The bunnies loved it too.  Matt even tried it; said it was bitter.  No, I don't know why...

Hunting and some serious redneckedness

I used to wonder how Allen could hunt for hours every day. Today I visited his deer blind and saw this, and I no longer wonder!  He enjoys nature, peace, solitude, views like this, then brings home dinner.  Speaking of dinner. Lizzy pointed out that it doesn't get much more redneck than processing a deer in your RV while having squirrel for dinner. Plus the carhart and camo... good grief. 

RV pan and lid storage

I've been trying to figure out what kind of pot rack we could use on this wall in the RV, a wall mount, half round, shelf, etc. Then I realized I could just hang them on the wall!  So, my handy Allen got them all up and I love it! No more noisily digging them out from above the microwave. Then the lids were a problem. So after searching, I decided he needed to install some racks inside the door.  One option I saw was a simple wire.  So I requested that, but Allen was busy! What?!  While I still maintain that is a blue job, I did it myself. It was stupidly easy anyway.  Instead of screws or fancy hooks, I just used the hooks that we left in the door from a failed attempt at a spice rack years ago. Basically cheap plastic hooks.  I wrapped wire around them well on each side, bam. Lid holders!  Super easy DIY pot rack and lid rack, aka get the pans and lids out of the way!

Animals, vegetables, and sunsets

Just random happenings in RVsteading.  Yep, Luna's as strange as Walker Kitty, so she fits in very well.  We got a TON of peppers from our 4 plants this year. And green beans and tomatoes and cucumbers... The RVstead under a pretty sunset.  Our (now partially graveled) dirt road.  The cats are finally getting along.  They were inside for a few nights thanks to some coyotes or coons.  Kitty cubby All the chickens love Matt.  And the turkey, who apparently isn't as gentle as the chickens.  The dog hanging with the goats and Annie eating hay from inside the wagon.  Jack hanging with the goats some more.

Lizzy's first squirrel

Allen and the boys aren't the only hunters around here! Lizzy has been practicing and hunting for squirrels and she was very happy to bring home her first!  I'm sure there will be many more. We have a lot of room in our freezer. :) For those wondering, we're getting pretty good at squirrel dishes. Crockpot then fry, or fry then bake, bread with Ritz crackers... so many options!

Turkey from above

In Arkansas, sometimes turkeys fall from the sky. Literally. Like, it's been on TV . :)  Well, Josh nabbed one of them!  This is Bobbi (because she bobbed her head to music on the way home). :)  Josh was stopped everywhere for pictures with one of the turkeys. She settled in pretty quickly, helped by a clipped wing.  But she's eating well and roosting right beside the chickens and ducks.  And we're learning very quickly all about turkeys. This was another fun time at the festival. I happily paid for all three kids to take turns beating on each other.  I told them I'd watch the videos every night with a smile on my face. :)  Josh and Matt braved this thing.  We kinda forgot Matt tends to pass out when spinning. :/ He made it though!  Josh didn't even get dizzy.   And we saw EmiSunshine and the Rain . She's adorable of course and wow, what a voice!  The cats are finally starting to get along. Well, in their own way I guess.  

Meet Luna

Walker Kitty was getting annoyingly (and sometimes painfully!) playful, so we thought maybe two cats would be good for the barn. They can keep each other warm, play together, and generally leave us alone. So we asked our neighbors and they had a few kittens.  Meet Luna!  We were thinking of Misty, Stormy, something gray, but Allen came up with Luna and we all loved it.  There was a lunar eclipse that night and we love Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Plus she's kinda crazy and we assume any cat of ours will be as well. (Spoiler, she is!)  For the first few days, Walker Kitty was NOT a fan! It was pretty crazy.  (See her behind the tree?)  Ugly! Then we kept "losing" Luna and no one could find her.  The kids finally found her under the RV, up in the underpinning (which yeah, needs fixed!).  Randomly, one of the free range chicks was hoping for handouts through the window. And one of the not-yet-free chicks attempted to get free, but got stuck. He was lucky we w