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Chick Norris

Chick Norris is something else. We can't keep him in the pen, no matter how far back we clip his wing. He half-jumps and half-flies and every time you turn around, there he is, out again. He's like the Chuck Norris of your nightmares!
We were discussing if we should just send him to freezer camp, because it's well beyond time. He's just so interesting.  And Walker Kitty just started chewing on his leg!  Apparently she needs no freezer camp, processing, cooking, she just wants a chicken leg, right now. 
Matt tried to get her away, but she was pretty hungry! 
Another time, I heard someone in the barn and Chick was digging around in the trash and flipped the basket over on himself.  He was not happy! 
Walker Kitty thought it was pretty funny though. 
So we clipped him yet again, and again.  (What is Walker Kitty doing?!)
He's safe, for now anyway.