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Life Skills

Welcome to the Lundy School of Life Skills!  So what do you teach your kids anyway? History, math, reading, science...  Yeah, all that boring stuff, but more importantly, how to eat from God's garden.  :)  It's been fun catching the neighborhood kids fascinated with the fish cleaning process.  Allen and Vaughn have given them a great education.  They look at body parts and see what the fish have been eating, and they've learned how to turn those ugly things into delicious bass.  I mostly avoid the process, but am grateful for it.  They'll probably never use Algebra, but they'll enjoy many fish fries!  Allen and the boys have been doing a lot of hunting and fishing and slowly filling our tiny freezer.  For this dinner, Allen used Willie's recipe in the Duck Commander Family book .  :)  Looks like someone  may have a budding photographer too. I guess that's another class for the School of Life Skills.    

Fulltime Families

We've met approximately a bazillion fulltime RVing families thanks to Fulltime Families online. We didn't make this year's winter rally or that number would be even higher! But we've been blessed with great friendships thanks to meeting other families crazy enough to do what we're doing. Check out the post about the 2013 winter rally on Fulltime Families . Photo Credit: Stephanie Clarke of If you haven't, check out Fulltime Families for the magazine, camping club, books, webinars, rallies, helpful info, and much more! 

Fulltime families potluck

As many RVing families converge on Orlando for the winter, we got to meet SO many new families plus see old friends.  Of course these families are more like our road family!  There were many games, potlucks, and chats around the pool.  This day we planned a potluck and I think 14 families were there!  A neighbor helped us get a group shot.  The Travaglinos have a great inflatable movie screen that entertained the little kids.  The adults chatted over dinner, then around a fire. 

Old Town

We had a groupon for Old Town and had a great time!  We went because they have a ropes course, zip line, and climbing wall, but found out they also have some fun rides.  And no lines!  We had so much fun, just the kids and Mom, even though I didn't quite make it to the top of the ropes course!  It is set up like an old town, with shops in between the two sections of the park.  There was a mechanical bull in the town part that Matt had to try. It was hilarious!  Video below.     Josh got to the top of the wall a bunch of times.  He couldn't get enough! Josh and Lizzy on the ropes course Matt bull riding Matt on the zip line

Something new today

Today Josh came running to tell me the new thing he learned.  He had to rewire his airsoft gun and tried to splice the two wires and then tape them together.  He didn't realize that would short the circuit.  So he did it correctly and was very excited to have figured that out on his own.  (Of course he also worked to save money to buy that gun, so a whole other level of learning!) Lizzy learned the difference between vegans and vegetarians from a phone call with a friend (and is so glad she isn't either).  Matt learned about editing movies from our neighbors who are making one here in the campground.  We're not documenting our daily discoveries, but they're definitely happening.  It's been fun to watch what they're learning, sometimes silly, sometimes pretty cool. 

Josh's 13th birthday

We now have two teenagers in the house, well RV.  How did this happen so quickly?!  We celebrated Josh's 13th birthday with camo cake (lemon flavored - what a yucky choice!) and dinner with the grands.    He was surprised and excited to receive a (secret) gift passed down from his great grandfather to my dad to Allen and now to him. Lizzy and Matt also got him a case for his new guitar, the very one he was saving to buy.   Happy birthday Josh!

January & February

We haven't had much to blog about or take photos of recently, which is normal for winter in Florida.  We take (and need) a lot of downtime to work, rest, and recharge.  So I slapped a few pics onto a premade page for a quick overview of what we've been up to.  I love digital scrapping !  So easy. :)

Snowbirds in Florida

Florida is packed with snowbirds, literally packed.  The entire state is just nuts January through March.  Campgrounds are full, internet is slow, traffic is heavy, and neighbors are way too close.  And it's generally worth it because of the weather, which is why we all do it.  But when your neighbors are a few feet from your front and back doors, you get to reminiscing about your winter in the wide open desert of Arizona and pondering next year's route... Arizona:  Florida: Any questions? 

RV updates

I finished painting the living room, aka the slide, from where we took out the couch.  In November. :)  Unfortunately, Allen declared any painting a pink job long ago.  :(  I cleaned a little too. :) A rousing game of Euchre, I mean math class...  We also needed a place for shoes and have a big blank wall in the boys' room.  So after a lot of pondering fancy custom shelves for Allen to build me, I decided to try this quick and easy fix first.  Now, he still hung them, you know, blue job.  :) We can still hang guitars and hoops in front of the shoes with plenty of room for the slide.  Before and after.  Kinda boring.  FYI, call tan "desert camo" and the boys won't mind! That should be the last of our painting an RV and probably won't be the last of shoe storage for an RV. :/