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Camping at Rocky Fork

we had another fun weekend, this time at rocky fork. there was a dam release so kayakers came by the boatloads, literally, to enjoy the scenic run. i actually ran the first (tame) part of rocky fork, the part so easy you can't flip, tho yeah, i still managed to (and swam of course)! then allen came in as my stunt double to run the rest, including the chutes, a few times. we did primitive camping this time, so no electric, water, or cable. well, it wasn't too primitive, we still had heat and smores via the gas burners! we went with the outdoor adventure club this time and they took great care of us. it rained one night, but then we were treated to a wonderful double rainbow all the way across the camp! slippery rock is next and they say there are plenty of viewing opportunities, so hopefully we can take some pictures of the action! i'll be sitting that one out, i mean entertaining the kids! pics are the rainbow over camp, the chutes from a bridge, and poor sydney th

Lizzie lost another tooth

this girl can't seem to keep her teeth in her mouth lately! she lost another front tooth, makes it hard to eat apples! she had a hard time trying to figure out how to talk. (somehow i think she'll manage!) watch the video here . (868kb)

Camping at the Elkhorn

we're having a ball here in KY camping. right now the kids are chasing a duck (poor duck) and playing on the playground. i'm nearby in the shade on the internet and looking through my pics. allen's on the river with a huge group of kayakers. the kids and i have already hiked, biked, and waded in the water. now it's time for a little relaxing, for me anyway, not for the duck! and hopefully the kids will get worn out, tho that never seems to happen. we're really roughing it. we have cable, cartoon network even, but no hi def or dvr, so you know, pretty rough. i *may* have bribed the kids to let me take pictures so there are a lot. i've been needing new ones to put on my purses, clocks, mugs, and all the fun beyond the layout products at dsp! :) oh, and i made a slideshow too... james happe, from the cincypaddlers group, took some group photos of the kayakers. allen is wearing blue/black in a yellow/black kayak.

School picture time!

lizzie and josh's spring pictures came today. they're so cute!! i don't remember such cute backgrounds when i was in school, which of course wasn't all that long ago! :)

One year later...

we've now been a family of five for ONE YEAR! so hard to believe. the first is from april 2006 and the second from april 2007!

We are campers now!

i think we're finished with tent camping forever! bring on the oven cooking, refrigerated drinks, air conditioning (or heater), comfy beds, DVDs with surround sound, clean showers, and flushable toilets! man, davy crockett never had it so rough! :) we took our first voyage to taylorsville lake in kentucky and had a blast. matt, shannan, and the girls came to visit and maci even spent the night. the kids loved fighting over her! it was so fun to try everything out. i baked lasagna, chicken fettucini alfredo, and cookies, and yeah, we did roast hot dogs and marshmallows too! the inside comfort is so new to us (and so appreciated)! a mattress that doesn't lose air, bunk beds to keep the kids apart, counters to easily prepare and serve food, plenty of counters and closets so food and clothes are safe and dry, a sweepable floor even, it's just awesome! we'll be camping a LOT this year. and thanks to convenient technology, we can even work on the road when needed!

What we do for a living

This website is all about our family, friends, and fun, not work! But we do have jobs that we love and we're so thankful they let us enjoy our work and our lives! Allen and I both work for Digital Scrapbook Place, Inc . I'm the CEO and Allen is the Business Development Manager. There are over 30 on staff and they are honestly the BEST people on Earth to work with. The site is full of creative, supportive, and awesome people who are passionate about scrapbooking. Lots of people too, there are over 90,000 members on the website! It's easy to love your job when it's about something meaningful like scrapbooking and you're surrounded by wonderful people all day! And to get paid for it too? Simply amazing! More about DSP: The largest digital scrapbooking company in the world, Digital Scrapbook Place sells graphics, software, and other digital scrapbooking-related products to consumers through scrapbook, craft, photo, and electronic retailers, and its website www

Blog header graphics info!

I used Lauren Bavin's awesome view master page kit for the website header. It fit so well with the idea of giving you a peek inside our life! All of my scrapbook pages, cards, web graphics, well anything I do, will be using graphics from our awesome designers at DSP . They're just so good and they've made my life so much easier.

We are the Lundys

Currently RVing the country (since 2010), Allen Lundy and Margie (Hamel) Lundy have been married for 22 years. We love God, family, and adventure, in that order. :) Climbing, canyoneering, kayaking, white water rafting, sky diving, mountain biking, anything with a little thrill! We adopted our son from Ukraine in 2001 , which was a new level of adventure. We adopted again in 2006 , a boy and a girl from the US. Again, more adventure! Our current adventure is traveling the country full time in an RV ! We're a God-following, home-schooling, online-working, adventure-seeking, always-learning, sometimes- RVsteading , usually-up-to-something, unlocating family of 5! Allen Allen is a great husband, father, teacher, provider, and fixer of all things. He loves spending time outdoors and is an avid climber, whitewater kayaker, hiker, and backpacker. As we travel, he tortures motivates us by planning excruciating challenging opportunities in the back country. As an online


Here are links to all our videos (compilation of all the videos from all the blog posts for easy finding)! Ice Skating, or Ice Sliding! 1/10/09 video of josh wiping lizzy out . video of all three and matt wiping out . Lizzy's solo in the Mystery of the Manger 12/7/08 click here to see lizzy's solo . Swimming at the Dolphin Club Pool 6/8/08 josh's back flip - 6.0mb josh's front flip - 6.1mb josh's dive - 4.9mb lizzy's twist move - 4.9mb matt's cannonball - 2.9mb matt's not so graceful fall -10.0mb Fun Elf-Yourself Videos 11/23/07 click here to see the dancing lundy elf family ! here's just me alone . what a dork! here are the three kids with our dog ! :) here's my mom, dad, and brother ryan . my dad just cracks me up! here are "the girls" , our favorite four girls, with some great moves! here's a greeting from amanda and me for our friends at dsp. Kayaking the New River Gorge 9/3/07 Allen and the OAC group on the