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Here are links to all our videos (compilation of all the videos from all the blog posts for easy finding)!

Ice Skating, or Ice Sliding! 1/10/09
video of josh wiping lizzy out.
video of all three and matt wiping out.

Lizzy's solo in the Mystery of the Manger 12/7/08
click here to see lizzy's solo.

Swimming at the Dolphin Club Pool

josh's back flip - 6.0mb
josh's front flip - 6.1mb
josh's dive - 4.9mb
lizzy's twist move - 4.9mb
matt's cannonball - 2.9mb
matt's not so graceful fall -10.0mb

Fun Elf-Yourself Videos 11/23/07

click here to see the dancing lundy elf family!
here's just me alone. what a dork!
here are the three kids with our dog! :)
here's my mom, dad, and brother ryan. my dad just cracks me up! here are "the girls", our favorite four girls, with some great moves! here's a greeting from amanda and me for our friends at dsp.

Kayaking the New River Gorge
Allen and the OAC group on the Lower Keeney Rapids

The tree house (amusement park) 7/3/07
Josh, Allen, a firepole, a zip line, and a collision narrowly averted! 3.1 mb
Allen by the gun (for corn trolls) 1.1 mb
Josh on the zip line 2.0 mb
Lizzie on the slide 2.4 mb
Matt on the rope 2.9 mb
Lizzie on the swing 1.0 mb
Matt on the swing 1.3 mb

Matt (Age 4) saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing 5/9/07
Pledge of Allegiance (3.4mb)
We're Awana Cubbies (4.6mb)
Jesus Loves Me (5.7mb)
Jesus Loves the Litlle Children (3.3mb)

Here I am to Worship (5.6mb)
Livin' on a Prayer - yes, a little Bon Jovi too! (3.4mb)

Josh's new RoboReptile 2/18/07 (this toy is absolutely crazy!)
Barking mean toy (1.2mb)
Attacking toy
Attacking Lizzie

Throwing a tantrum and attacking the kids

Josh and Lizzie's Church Christmas Play 12/10/06
Lizzie's solo (1.5mb)
Josh's solo (1.5mb)

Ice Skating on the Lake by our House 12/7/06
This is how Josh ice skates (632kb)

Josh and Lizzie's Christmas Play for School 12/5/06
Tock, Tick, Tock, (Lizzie says "delete this!") (6.7mb
Christmas in your Heart (3.7mb)

Lundy Family Band 6/25/06
Lundy family band sings Here I Am to Worship (1.3mb)

Kayaking at Bernie's Hole on the Mad River in Dayton 6/14/06
Allen rolling his kayak (2.6mb)

Snow Kayaking 12/10/05
Allen coming down on the kayak standing and wiping out. (1.7mb)
Allen staying upright after the ramp, but then wiping out
. (2.2 mb)
Allen rolls the kayak, but not in a good way. (3.5 mb)
Josh splooshing through the snow. Josh's word for it. (2.8 mb)
Allen wipes Josh out on the ramp. (1.6 mb)