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A poem, by Matt

Needing no explanation, I give you a poem... by Matt.  (With sincere apologies to poets everywhere.) I hate poems. I truly do. I moped around, now I’m locked in my room. This is the worst punishment my body can consume. I hate poems. I truly do. You shouldn’t be mad when your mom says no. She has a reason that you do not know. You may not understand when she says no. But don’t be a baby and get off the floor. All I wanted was a little fun time. Whoever writes poems has way too much free time. I hate them, I really do. Because they are as boring as poo.

Universal Studios

This year's Christmas gift was an experience, instead of a present, because we're pretty awesome. Also because I sooooo wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! :) So we got season tickets to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure (which of course includes WWoHP's Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade). We go often. Like really, really often and have been loving it! It's so nice to be there during the off-season without the touristy crowds and during school days without the season pass kids! There's so much to do and the rides are more than just rides. Each one is its own adventure!  The Harry Potter pics will need multiple posts, so those will be shared soon too. This is just from some of the other fun we've had so far. Matt and Josh were chosen to help during Fear Factor Live. They're on the left shooting a contestant. She was brave! This is the coolest treehouse ever! We want to build this on Lundy Mountain and live in it. So f

Walker Kitty update

If you're wondering how the cat is doing in the RV. Not well. :)  She's still adjusting to being inside, which is especially hard when there are squirrels right outside the windows!  (Squirrels that she's not allowed to eat, brutal!)  She's found a few ways to escape and is generally driving us crazy inside doing rotten, non-publishable things. She also needs baths more often. I think she is plotting to kill us while we sleep.  All day, every day. See the squirrel on the tree? It sat right there and barked at her! Cat solutions for the RV, aka cat door, aka hole in the stairs. This is so she can eat without Jack stealing it. It's also how she gets into the basement to use the litter box.

Lizzy is 15!

Lizzy is 15! She gets to be the oldest for the next 47 days.  We didn't take many pictures because she had a special day with Allen. They went to the mall (yes, Allen went shopping!) to buy an outfit, then to dinner and a movie (Mocking Jay). It was apparently a great day for a 15 year old girl! We also had a movie night. Grateful for our king size bed!