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Universal Studios

This year's Christmas gift was an experience, instead of a present, because we're pretty awesome. Also because I sooooo wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! :) So we got season tickets to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure (which of course includes WWoHP's Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade).
We go often. Like really, really often and have been loving it! It's so nice to be there during the off-season without the touristy crowds and during school days without the season pass kids! There's so much to do and the rides are more than just rides. Each one is its own adventure!  The Harry Potter pics will need multiple posts, so those will be shared soon too. This is just from some of the other fun we've had so far.
Matt and Josh were chosen to help during Fear Factor Live. They're on the left shooting a contestant.
She was brave!
This is the coolest treehouse ever! We want to build this on Lundy Mountain and live in it. So fun. We thought it was just a little play area outside of the Jurassic Park ride, so I'm glad we took the time to explore it more. It's huge and really neat!
Allen had to start a race of course.  Video:

The water ride lines are long on hot days, so we waited until later in the afternoon. We froze, but there wasn't a line!
And they even have RV parking in the park, for the Simpsons. :)
There was a very impressive movie/fireworks/water/music/light show on a water screen at night.
We can't wait to go again, and again!