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Homeschool t-shirt sale!

Great deal alert!  We have some of these homeschool shirts, and just bought three more from this company and love them!  (Um, ignore the odd looks on their faces.)  :) Attention Homeschoolers! The sale is over, but sign up for the newsletter at Great Products for great deals on homeschool apparel!

Duck Commander, West Monroe LA

As Duck Dynasty fans, we had to stop by Duck Commander as we went through Louisiana!  Okay, maybe it was a few hours out of the way, but Hey !  We had to, Jack .  :)  The kids (and possibly adults) were so excited to see the shop in West Monroe where we've learned about the Robertson family on TV and in their book The Duck Commander Family .  Duck Dynasty is definitely on our list of "but mom, it's educational" TV shows.  Yeah, we all love it.  From the book, we learned that they crossed out money and wrote faith on all the signs and brochures.  Love that! We went on a week day hoping for a smaller crowd, and it was, but it was still a busy place.  Lots of duck fans and people milling around hoping to meet a Robertson, but they were out of town.  Yes, we asked. :)  But it was fun to just move the home into their parking lot for the day.  We did a little shopping.  Saw the world's largest duck call (from the 40th anniversary episode).  Took the o

Little Rock, Arkansas

We spent a few weeks in Arkansas with the Harris family after they lost their daughter and grandfather .  We can't say it was a good time, it was so hard, but it was good to see them and help out in small ways, and we had many fun times with the sad.  And it was good to be able to just pick up and go thanks to our nomadic life.  We were really awed by Paul and his strength and leadership, taking care of his family, his injured mother and son, and tons of visitors and details, all while being injured himself and having lost a father and daughter.  The rest of the family we knew to be strong too, and it was actually inspiring to see in action, but I hope to never have a reason to see it again.  They've had enough.  We hope to spend happier times with them again soon, but know there will always be a hole where Maci was.  We were sad to leave, but knew they had to adjust to their new normal.  It's certainly not fair, or understandable, but they're surrounded by so much l

Paul Harris family, donations

In a tragic accident , the Harris family lost their beautiful 10 year old daughter Maci and her grandpa David.  Four other family members were injured as well.  Please visit their Helping Hands website for ways to help and see below for donation options.  Their medical bills for six people will greatly exceed their full insurance and any help will be greatly appreciated.  Maci standing in front of her grandpa. They'll be so incredibly missed, but we have the assurance that they're so happy together right now. The Memorial Service for Bro. David and Maci was held January 9th at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church in Little Rock.  Arrangements were handled by Dial & Dudley Funeral Home in Bryant. From their Helping Hands website: Thank you so much to those of you who have asked how to donate money toward our family's medical expenses. We sincerely appreciate all of your love and support and are grateful for any amount for us to put towards our medical bil

Homeschool Showcase

Hey, look! We're on the Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers blog in the Homeschool Showcase !  It's a post about how we accidentally started homeschooling, but there are many other fun reads linked there. The showcase is for "encouraging, inspiring and just plain fun ways that homeschooling families live and learn together ." Check it out.  :)

Missing Maci

After learning about a tragic accident involving some of our friends, we left Florida for Arkansas immediately.  The Harris family lost their beautiful 10 year old daughter Maci and her grandpa David.  This is the family from Arkansas we visited in January .  It's still hard to believe and right now we're just loving on the family and remembering fun stories of Maci.  She sure had many fun times and was very loved! One of my favorite of Shannan's pics! Maci standing in front of her grandpa. They'll be so incredibly missed, but we have the assurance that they're so happy together right now.  Fun pics from last year.   Trip down memory lane... they were so little!  Ohio State Spring games.   Maci spent the night with us on our maiden camping trip in our travel trailer.  Sydney's all curled up with Maci.  We miss them both!  The Memorial Service will be held for Bro. David and Maci at 1:00 PM Wednesday, January 9th, at Geyer Springs First B

LSNED: Learn Something New Every Day

Homeschooling , unschooling, roadschooling , whatever you call what we're doing, we're learning.  Living on the road makes that very easy, but of course it's easy anywhere, because you learn something new every day .  We thought we'd test that theory and make it a goal   requirement   prerequisite for happiness   something to talk about at dinner. The Great Math Experiment is over and our hypothesis was confirmed.  After years of no math, we stuck Josh and Lizzy in an online math class to see if they could "catch up".  They did (with a pretty poor effort) and got a B and C.  It was tiring though, proving their knowledge with assignments and tests, and even proving our parental involvement with required calls and emails.  Lizzy said "Mom, you couldn't be more involved, we live in 40 feet."  (Of course that's actually 400 square feet, which could explain her C.)  So, no more of that!  We're going back to just learning for fun!  Maybe ev

RVing travel map updated

We've updated our travel map with links and pics.  We had to add our 4th color since it's now 2013!  Where will this year take us?  We have no idea... and we love that! Click to see the interactive map .