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Duck Commander, West Monroe LA

As Duck Dynasty fans, we had to stop by Duck Commander as we went through Louisiana!  Okay, maybe it was a few hours out of the way, but Hey!  We had to, Jack.  :)  The kids (and possibly adults) were so excited to see the shop in West Monroe where we've learned about the Robertson family on TV and in their book The Duck Commander Family.  Duck Dynasty is definitely on our list of "but mom, it's educational" TV shows.  Yeah, we all love it. 
From the book, we learned that they crossed out money and wrote faith on all the signs and brochures.  Love that!
We went on a week day hoping for a smaller crowd, and it was, but it was still a busy place.  Lots of duck fans and people milling around hoping to meet a Robertson, but they were out of town.  Yes, we asked. :)  But it was fun to just move the home into their parking lot for the day. 
We did a little shopping. 
Saw the world's largest duck call (from the 40th anniversary episode). 
Took the obligatory pics with the sign. 
You fans will appreciate the decoys still on the roof!! 
We checked out their RV and truck.
By the loading dock.
Went by the church.  We were planning to overnight and attend on Sunday, but ended up going earlier.
Just a very fun day hanging out at Duck Commander!