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At Thousand Trails Orlando, we got know to know (and love) the Weaver family . They're a traveling family band with 8 kids (ages 11-23) and they're awesome! They "only" have 7 kids with them now though because Jimmy left for a job in Pigeon Forge (*sniff*). We heard another RVing family called Weaver Believer Survival Revival was playing a bluegrass gospel concert at the campground clubhouse and we figured we'd go support them. We didn't realize how good they'd be or how nice! The kids spent quite a bit of time together over the weeks we were in Orlando and Wauchula. Trips to the pool, hanging out, Stevie leading my kids down the dark road of airsoft wars... We also caught four concerts AND the bug for playing bluegrass. They're all learning guitar and mandolin and we're keeping an eye out for a banjo and fiddle. I might even learn bass. (Watch out!) Here's our favorite song, Dueling Banjos. Jimmy & Sam are amazing! Unclouded Day. J

Peace River

We spent a week at Peace River that was well, peaceful. Catching up on work, airsoft wars, movies, hooping, kayaking, scootering? scooting? Oh, and bartering. Lizzy traded for this hat and barely takes it off! And picnics. Yes on the ground. We got to see the Nims again and met two more RVing families, Krystal Showalter and Rayven Perkins . Allen took the kids hunting for shark teeth and they found a LOT. (Watch for these on an RV wall near you.)

Family Rules

I wanted to print out our family rules as a reminder to them (okay, mostly me!) So I whipped this up in Photoshop and used some DSP pretties graphics. I put it on the freezer door (with velcro) so it's front and center. I used Lauren Bavin's Torn Strips Quick Click , Tina Chambers' Spring Sorbet Kit , and lots of fonts by Suzanne Walker! DSP Sticky Keyboard , DSP Gogo Girl , DSP Adorable , DSP Lark , DSP Byrd Scratches and DSP Bees Knees.

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Josh! Green walls & green clothes & green smoothies & green mustaches. :)

Photo Alpha Letters

I finally framed and hung these LUNDY letters from the awesome Photo Alpha at DSP by Elizabeth Weaver and love it! I used drop shadows to make each letter appear matted (because I'm clever like that). Though I did break one of the pieces of glass hanging it (because I'm not always so clever). You could spell out your name or any word and have a unique work of art in just a few minutes! They look great in one frame or separate too, up to you. Yes, I do love having DSP artwork all over the house RV, because we have awesome designers making so many pretty products! And the entire Home Decor Section is just stunning! Elizabeth also has more Photo Alphas with different pictures! And she has whole Photo Words and more so check it out!

My birthday

I had a great 28th birthday with the family! Shush, I can too be 28 if I want to. I have been for years! It was wonderfully quiet (probably because I kept if off Facebook!) and full of chocolatey goodness. Allen found a chocolate/peanut butter cake and most of the family agreed, best cake ever! He also surprised me with a sign I pointed out that would look great in our RV (it does!) Add some yummy chocolate from Josh and Lizzy and a free massage from Matt (or masach as he wrote on the card) and that all made for an awesome day!

Curtain tiebacks

Allen finally after months of begging cheerfully installed the hooks for my curtain tiebacks. Yes, I could have, but, you know, blue job ! After the awesome Kimberly Travaglino made my curtains , I had just enough fabric left to make tiebacks. Okay, I folded them and begged Kimberly to sew these too. But she did button holes too and made them super easy to hang! Just for fun, I put brown tiebacks on the striped curtains and striped tiebacks on the brown curtains. And I LOVE just slipping these out at night instead of putting the shades down! (Especially since the dog chewed a doggie window in one!)

Family Finder

*Many of the RVing families use FourSquare now, because it's super easy and yes, there's an app for that! Wondering how to find other traveling families since we're all moving targets? We use the Family Finder . Sign up for FREE by clicking Free Gifts under memberships! (Or you could pay $1 for a 30 day trial and access the previous magazines or one of the other memberships with more benefits ! Affiliate links, so click away, but we really want to share about the Family Finder right now.) You can move your pin and share as much contact info as you'd like so other RVing families nearby can find you! We've enjoyed meeting so many families this winter and wanted to pass this along so others can too. Hope to see your pin on the Family Finder too!

Billy cart

What's a billy cart? It's a hillbilly go cart, built by some motivated innovative kids! Tools, hardware, a tub, plexiglass, boards, wheels from various-other-torn-apart-things, rope, helmet, and imagination! They went slowly for Carabella, so she wouldn't crash - like her brother just did! They worked hard getting it just right, balanced, adding a steering mechanism, moving the back wheels for better leverage... They said it wasn't really rated for my weight class. :/ It didn't always end well and Matt ate some bushes. Crazy unschooled kids...