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Photo Alpha Letters

I finally framed and hung these LUNDY letters from the awesome Photo Alpha at DSP by Elizabeth Weaver and love it! I used drop shadows to make each letter appear matted (because I'm clever like that). Though I did break one of the pieces of glass hanging it (because I'm not always so clever). You could spell out your name or any word and have a unique work of art in just a few minutes! They look great in one frame or separate too, up to you.
Yes, I do love having DSP artwork all over the house RV, because we have awesome designers making so many pretty products! And the entire Home Decor Section is just stunning!
Elizabeth also has more Photo Alphas with different pictures!
Home Decor Photo Alpha - Random Mix 1

Home Decor Photo Alpha - Random Mix 2

Home Decor Photo Alpha - Random Mix 3

And she has whole Photo Words and more so check it out!
Home Decor PhotoWord - LOVE