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A letter to Josh at boot camp

Josh is facing The Crucible right now, after which he will earn the title of Marine! This is a major 54 hour test with little sleep or food and lots of action. If you know Josh though, you know he's having a ball! This is a little humor in his honor during his last week of boot camp!

Dorney Park and friends

For the northernmost amusement park of our loop of fun, we went to Dorney Park in PA. We were spashed a little bit more than expected.  And sometimes a lot more than expected. :)  While in PA, we surprised the Weavers with a visit, who in turn were surprising their mom with a visit! We got to see Tom and Michelle's brand new baby boy and Lizzy got to see her boyfriend Johnny. On the way south in VA, we got to reconnect with the Nims family and Matt got to hang out with Noah. Meeting up with friends on the road is one of our favorite parts of traveling!

Hershey and Amish country

While we were in PA, we visited Hershey again, because Hershey! We loved it back in 2012 . The kids were so little! We did more experiences this time, like the chocolate lab and making our own custom candy bars. So fun! And yum! Quick story about this shirt. I bought it here back in 2012 and it was XL, the largest they had, but it never fit me. :/ But after losing 45 pounds, it's perfect!! My name with a typo became a theme here. Gorgeous cupcakes! We also checked out some Amish country again. And stopped for pretzels at this pretzel factory. It's so pretty here!

Kings Dominion!

We had a blast at Kings Dominion in Virginia. It was so convenient to camp right at the park and just take the shuttle over every day too. Ohio friends, yes, it's pretty much Kings Island. :) It's fun to live at an amusement park!  This sign changed our course a bit this year. Hollyn (from our hometown of Waverly, Ohio) would be singing at Kingsfest and we haven't seen her yet. So we're heading right back here by June 22!  This time Matt is tall enough for the big rides! He was so young last time we did these parks!  He finally got to experience (and loved!) the Intimidator 305. It's crazy!  The waterpark was fun too!  On our last day, we stopped by with the RV for our free lunch. :)