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Truck hiking, Camp Verde AZ

We found a cool sounding climbing spot on, so we took off following the directions. We've learned that climbers aren't always very specific in the "how to get there" part of the directions, the drives or the hikes. (The climbing routes? Tons of info!) :)  So this day turned into a "truck hike" - the likes of which our brand new truck had not (should not have) experienced yet. The exact description was:  "a relatively driveable road labeled as FS 136 leading to a short foot approach. High clearance vehicles recommended but my buddy did it in a Subaru." Well, his buddy was crazy. :) We ended up on the road for an hour because it was too tight to turn around our giant, long bed truck. Once we finally found a spot, of course we had the bumpy hour drive back. At least it was a beautiful day for a beautiful, if crazy, drive! Many water crossings. Pretty though. Surrounded by great views in this Camp Verde/Cottonwood area, s